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Tema: Editorial nº 19 Riggins Constraints

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    Editorial nº 19 Riggins Constraints

    Editorial nº 19 Riggins & Constraints


    Very few of us enjoy rigging a character, but that is no excuse for not learning how to set up at least a basic rig. Especially considering the number of great resources that have become available over the last couple of years.

    In addition to the large number of tutorials written by various community members and all the free rigs available for study, there are two great books (Introducing Character Animation with Blender and Animating with Blender) as well as Bassam's ManCandy FAQ's DVD available for reference and study.

    After reading (and re-reading) both books and watching Bassam's ManCandy DVD (to many times to count), the confusion began to clear as I started seeing how it all went together. So I finally gave up avoiding character rigging. While I am still not a rigging master, I no longer stare in confusion at the amazing mess I just made of my rig. And better yet, the rigs actually work... well kind of. :P I thinque I still need to keep practicing.

    The moral of this long winded introduction: if I can learn to rig, so can you. Which brings us to the theme for this issue of Blenderart Magazine. We are taquíng a look at various rigging techniques. Some of which actually have nothing to do with characters.

    Surprise! Armatures and constraints aren't just for rigging characters. They can be used to create an animation rig for any object that moves, or that you would like to have move. And we have some pretty inventive rigs/set ups to share.

    So go grab a hot drinque (I don't know about you but it is cold where I am) and settle down for a very informative read.

    Gaurav Nawani

    Sandra Gilbert

    Nam Pham

    Gaurav, Sandra, Alex

    Kevin Braun
    Phillip Ryals
    Bruce Westfall
    Joshua Leung
    Lynda Schemansky
    Eric Pranausk
    Noah Summers
    Joshua Scotton
    Marque Warren
    Wade Bick
    Patrik O'Donnell
    Brian C. Treacy
    Scott Hill
    Henriel Veldtmann

    Johannes Ewers
    William Edstrom
    Hamed Zaghaghi
    Alain Mathez

    Moonflower - by Dereque Watts

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