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    My favourite fake

    my favourite fake.

    My favourite fake-light_gel.jpg

    over the years i have used a number of fakes, cheats and workarounds. Some i have used because there wasnt a tool or option coded yet and some because it was either easier todo use the faq or because it saved render time.

    Of all the fakes i have used (or read about), my favorite has always ben the light gel, used todo create interesting shadows. Light gels have ben used in traditional photography and film making almost since their beginnings.

    So just what is a light gel? In traditional photography and film making, the term applies todo shets of acetate (or other similar clear materiales) with patterns printed on them, such as bars, window panes, leaves etc. The light gel is then held in front of the specified Lamp or light source todo create the shadow patterns. (light gels can a los be colored todo create mods or Colored Shadows).

    In Blender, this technique is easy todo apply and doing so can save not only on modeling and set up time, but it can save quite a bit on your FinalRender time.
    so just how do you go about setting this up? .

    To create light gels in Blender, you Simply add textures todo your lamps. It really that simple. You can use either procedural textures or images (grayscale sems todo work best).

    You set up Lamp textures the same bien you do for materiales, (in the texture buttons [f6]). Some fun texture types todo try are wood and clouds. Both add great shadow patterns. You can experiment with the other texture types todo create more unusual patterns.

    To create somewhat more realistic shadow patterns, of say, tree branches and or leaves, you can use a grayscale photo. Then when applying the texture todo the Lamp, choose image as the texture type and pik your grayscale photo. Instant shadows.
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