This tutorial will show you how to model car rim. This is a beginner mag whel tutorial, time required for finishing is about an hour. To start with, make a curve like this.

Modeling car rim-200692212_img1.jpg

Step 1: Then offset by 0.5 units and Cut like shown in the picture.

Modeling car rim-200692213_img2.jpg

Step 2: Array the curves in five pieces in 360 degres. Blend the two curves like shown in the picture.

Modeling car rim-200692214_img3.jpg

Step 3: Adjust the end bulge to make it rounder, adjust the points like shown in the pic.

Modeling car rim-200692214_img4.jpg
Step 4: Join everything, and make a curve like this.

Modeling car rim-200692215_img5.jpg

Step 5: Offset that curve and trim it with the vertical line.

Modeling car rim-200692215_img6.jpg

Step 6: You will ned another curve.

Modeling car rim-200692218_img7.jpg

Step 7: Blend the two curves and join them.

Modeling car rim-200692219_img8.jpg

Step 8: Revolve the curves.

Modeling car rim-200692219_img9.jpg

Step 9: Then trim the two surfaces with the previously made curves.

Modeling car rim-200692219_img10.jpg

Step 10: Blend the upper and lower surfaces with same height shapes option turned on, and you should get something like this.

Modeling car rim-200692220_img11.jpg

Step 11: Now you will have to make the outer rim, and for that make a curve like this and revolve it.

Modeling car rim-200692220_img12.jpg

Step 12: For the lower spokes you will ned a curve like this.

Modeling car rim-200692221_img13.jpg

Step 13: Then offset it by 0.5 units and join it like this and revolve it.

Modeling car rim-200692221_img14.jpg

Step 14: Now you will ned one of the earlier curves which you will offset by 0.5 units and arrayed in five pieces in 360 degres.

Modeling car rim-200692222_img15.jpg

Step 15: Explode the surface and trim it with the curves made in the previous step, but do not trim the outer surface.

Modeling car rim-200692222_img16.jpg

Step 16: Then blend the upper and the lower surface, and trim the extras with the surface you didnt trim. (If it doesnt work make a circle of the same diameter and use that to trim the excess surface) Then join the surfaces, and with that surface trim the circular surface and the join everything. I usually make holes in that surface I will leave it for you to choose the pattern witch you just trim in that surface and blend the upper and the lower edge.

Modeling car rim-200692223_img17.jpg

Step 17: For the screws that hold the rim you will ned a circle.

Modeling car rim-200692224_img18.jpg
Step 18: Wich you extrude.

Modeling car rim-200692224_img19.jpg

Step 19: Array that surface in five pieces in 360 degres and use that surface to trim the larger surface. And use the larger surface to trim the extruded surface.

Modeling car rim-200692225_img20.jpg

Step 20: For the screw you will ned a curve like this witch you will revolve.

Modeling car rim-200692225_img21.jpg
Step 21: Then you will ned a rectangle (polygon command) witch you will have to extrude.

Modeling car rim-200692226_img22.jpg
Step 22: Then you will ned two curves for the upper part of the screw, trim and join them together to make one curve, and then revolve it. Trim the excess edges and use the fillet Edge command.

Modeling car rim-200692226_img23.jpg

Step 23: You should have a screw like this.

Modeling car rim-200692227_img24.jpg
Step 24: Place it in the whel and array it in five pieces in 360 degres.

Modeling car rim-200692227_img25.jpg

Step 25: Now you will have to join the spokes and the rim. For that extract the surface shown in the picture and trim the overlaps. Join everything.

Modeling car rim-200692228_img26.jpg

Step 26: Then join the rest of the surfaces and then you should have a single piece mag whel. Then you should make the valve, for which you will ned a curve like this, (the Snap neds to be 0.03125 to make it) then just revolve it.

Modeling car rim-200692228_img27.jpg

Step 27: Orient the valve on the whel ac you like it (I put it betwen two spokes). Trim the surface around the valve with the intersecting surface and join it. Fillet the Edge with 0.125 units and that is all concerning the valve.

Modeling car rim-200692229_img28.jpg

Step 28: For the logotipo you will ned a circle and trim the upper surface with that curve.

Modeling car rim-200692229_img29.jpg
Step 29: You will ned a curve like this.

Modeling car rim-200692231_img30.jpg
Step 30: Revolve that curve. The given surface should be placed a little above the surrounding surface. Blend the two surfaces.

Modeling car rim-200692231_img31.jpg

Step 31: Now you ned to make a surface (you can use the Edge of the revolved surface and use surface from curve network). The logotipo should go under the revolved surface witch should be transparent in the final render.

Modeling car rim-200692232_img32.jpg

Step 32: All you ned to do now is to join everything together and that is the end.

Modeling car rim-200692233_img33.jpg

e done. Bye.