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Tema: Make Human

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    Blender Make Human

    No se si corresponde poner esto aquí... pero bueno, ya lo he puesto.
    No se si es un plugin que se implementa con Blender o no ... tengo un inglés pésimo.
    A lo que voy: ¿ alguien puede comentar algo sobre ello?

    Joer!!! soy un Ignorante... No se nada... No se si alguien me contestara...
    Bueno eso, que no se.

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    Re: Make Human

    Yo te contesto, pero tampoco lo conozco por eso utilizo google y encuentro esto:

    Humanoid modeling and animation, under GPL.
    MakeHuman is a Python language script ( to be used within the open source, 3d graphics software package, Blender ( The aim of MakeHuman is to allow the quik and easy modeling of humanoid 3d models while keeping the model as realistic as possible. The method chosen to accomplish this tasque is that of Additive Morphing which allows for the easy addition of a variety of parameters to MakeHuman. The morph targets are modeled from careful observation of medical texts and anatomy references for artists. For example, intended morph targets can represent the various physical aging effects of males and females, the various ways in which body mass (fat) accumulates around the body, the different body and physique types as classified by William Sheldon, the distribution of veins along the body, and so on and so forth. Meanwhile, work will be commenced on a project for the study of the programming of realistic skin and hair procedural shaders. These are to be used within Yafray, the new open source rendering engine (Yafray ) By means simple command, everybody will be able to create custom morph targets by modifying the base_mesh. To use the script clik "Quik Start" in the menú.

    Aquí el vínculo:
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