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Tema: Synfig Studio Open-Source animation Software

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    Synfig Studio (Open-Source Animation Software)

    Os paso un software para la animación en 2D, es de código abierto y gratuito.

    Spatial resolution-independence Most elements are vector-based, and all layers are parametrically generated, hence even when changing the target resolution of a project, the only pixelation will occur in imported raster images, not the built-in components.
    Temporal resolution independence
    Animation-keyframes are automatically interpolated by the computer, resulting in smooth motion
    High Dynamic-Range Imaging (HDRI) By using floating-point math in the image calculations, HDRI processing allows canvases to internally understand a far greater range of pixel luminance, resulting in better lighting effects, and improved color composition.
    Pentablet-friendly tools
    The draw tool already reads the pressure sensitivity channel off your favorite tablets, for natural line weighting, and more to come!
    Artist-oriented design While it may not be obvious in this early state, Synfig (and its proprietary predecessors) has been designed from the ground up with animation workflow in mind.
    Path-based Gradients Unlike purely SVG-based vector software, and most consumer-level animation programs, Synfig has full support for gradient paths - gradients that follow along a drawn shape. This allows artists to easily add software shading to animation without the trouble of painting it onto every frame. Layers Synfig supports a multitude of layers of various types; geometric, gradients, filters, distortions, transformations, fractal and a few others.

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