Con el lanzamiento de Service Pak 1 la semana pasada, modo 601 ahora también ofrece soporte certificado para toda la gama de ratones 3D de 3Dconnexion, así aparece en la lista que publica Luxology en la lista con los detalles de los cambios y correcciones que incluyen este Service Pack.

Improved: 3DConnexion certified Space Navigator implementation.

Improved: 'Apply' button added to tool properties for vertex and edge bevel.

Fixed: Bug causing groups to not be preserved after scene import.

Fixed: Bug related to layer masks placed below a material and in a group.

Fixed: Volumetric output scattering and opacity outputs.

Fixed: Vertex Map Smooth tool now works with múltiple meshes.

Fixed: Bug causing modo to save LWO files which cannot be re-opened.

Improved: Replaces Topology Pen with Drag Weld in the Vertex tools.

Fixed: Adds MatCap shader between regular shaders and rayGL, instead of overwriting all GL shaders.

Fixed: Bug in Color Picker affecting Hue and Saturation.

Fixed: Sequence pattern saving in Assembly presets.

Improved: Item List and Shader Tree performance.

Improved: Debugger output enabled so plug-in developers can now view their debug logs in Microsoft Visual C++.

Fixed: Bug causing revolve modifiers to give bad results.

Fixed: Workplane fails to align to a 45-degree edge loop.

Fixed: Incorrect hotkey function for Viewport Center View.

Fixed: LXO I/O now supports cage mode of the mesh item.

Fixed: Enables blending on fur materials.

Fixed: Paint does not always show in preview.

Fixed: Volume doesn't render behind múltiple transparent surfaces.

Fixed: Adding a weight map texture causes blobs to disappear.

Fixed: Item selectability overrides group selectability.

Fixed: Bug causing the lok icon to not appear in the item list.

Fixed: Adds 'normalize weights' option in sculpt tools to allow negative or higher than 1 values when disabled.

Fixed: GL poly count updates not displayed in Info & Statistics panel.

Fixed: Potential crash with the Add Point tool, when the tool is applied without initialization.

Fixed: Bug causing replicators to be drawn twice in bounding box mode.

Fixed: Bug in Mac OS where 'Command-Delete' and 'Command-Backspace' fire the 'remove' command.

Fixed: Potential crash in the Text Tool when using Japanese fonts.

Fixed: Bug where Jitter tool fails to resume, after being dragged and then released.

Fixed: Anti-Aliasing on paint images disabled.

Fixed: Inoperative field options in Render window.

Improved: Netrender performance and reliability.

Fixed: Large memory leaque when rendering.

Fixed: Incorrect angle function in Halftone material.

Fixed: Bug linking camera scale to final render image.

Fixed: UVs corrupted after Undo.

Fixed: Bug causing tool handles to disappear.

Fixed: Potential crash using 501 plugins in 601.

Fixed: Bug causing Mirror to merge discontinuous vértices.

Fixed: Undo of pSub mesh freeze discards prior mesh sculpts.

Fixed: Potential crash arising from automatic deletion of item-based vertex maps.

Fixed: Potential crash occurring when applying dynamics to fur.

Fixed: Incorrect paint selection for edge and poly modes.

Improved: 'Billboard' option for Sprites added.

Fixed: Potential crash when adding material presets.

Fixed: Unreported alpha blending issue.

Fixed: Slak effector now avoids out-of-range deformation points.

Fixed: Setting a brush size of 1 causes poor painting performance.

Fixed: Bug with screen falloff in UV space, when using UV symmetry.

Fixed: Potential crash when the Topo Pen snaps to a floating vertex.

Improved: Animation performance with UV-mapped objects.

Fixed: Bucket-sized artifacts in rendered scenes with motion blur and bump mapping.

Fixed: Bug related to Drill, Solid Drill and Boolean command in Item mode with hidden meshes.

Fixed: Potential crash when deleting joints in the Skeleton tool.

Fixed: Bug causing plugin shaders to disappear from the Add Layer drop-down.

Fixed: Bug related to pen tool snapping in perspective views.

Fixed: Render bug when mesh is set to cage mode, and Use Cage mode is disabled in Preferences.

Fixed: (Mac OS) Several reported and unreported UI redraw issues.

Fixed: Bug occurring with time-remaining calculations in Render window.

Fixed: Surface as Volume intersection.

Fixed: Volume items don't account for workplane transforms.

Fixed: Matcap shader on scaled items.

Fixed: Gradient paint tools and painting on backdrop items.

Fixed: Painting on SubD meshes in cage mode.

Fixed: (Mac OS) memory leaque during animation rendering.

Fixed: Selections through back-facing polygons re-enabled.

Fixed: Various minor bugs

and various bug fixes to resolve potential crashes and improve stability