create a dice (part 2).
. Bolean operations (continuing)
If you repeat bolean operations on a same object, you may have some Little problems, se this example:
Create a dice II-1.jpg

The first face of my die has ben todo much subdivided and shows visual deffects.

Create a dice II-2.jpg

I Will work face by face. You may use bolean operación on each side of the Cube.

Suppress the six Faces of the Cube, with the delete tool.

Create a dice II-3.jpg

With the extract surface tool, you Will create again the deleted sides. You may now use bolean operations on each side, and then weld all these objects together.

Create a dice II-4.jpg

Create a dice II-5.jpg

Create a dice II-6.jpg

Create a dice II-7.jpg

My die is finished.