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    Tutorial UV Mapping

    Tutorial UV Mapping
    By Magic Wand

    Hi friends,

    It’s been long time with you. Actually I was enjoying my holidays…let me show what I got. It’s something about UV Mapping in 3ds Max with Photoshop. I think some of you have a clear idea, but those who are not aware of that…just read on…

    I want to create a pavement like this…

    I have almost completed the scene except the foot path that is covered in grass..

    First we will apply one Unwrap UVW Modifier to our object and in its sub level, we will select face. And in the parameters go for Edit

    After that, u will get the unwrapped texture of your object, for easy editing, we will Flatten the UV from Mapping> Flatten Mapping

    Now the Exporting Section, From Tools, access the Render UVW Template and in that box, render your Template and save the Image as a Tiff file

    Open the saved Tiff file in your favorite Image Editor (I used Photoshop)

    For the footpath, I used one map from 3ds Max directory, place the image in your UV map as in the picture and save your file

    Apply the same map in your object as a bitmap(i think that's very simple).You will get a result similar to this in 3ds Max

    Continue working on your Image like the picture shown.

    After completing the first session, you will get a result like this. The problem is now the footpath looks like its new, our intention is to make it dirty…

    Okay we will do one thing, we will place another image over our existing one like this

    After covering the entire área with Grass picture, in the layer window, change the blending mode to Pin light

    Save your work frequently, then only Max will update…I think you got a result similar to this…

    Now for the final part…use any method for creating a blak & white border like this. And make it dirty with the same techniques.

    Isn’t it very easy? See you soon…

    Miniaturas adjuntadas Miniaturas adjuntadas Tutorial UV Mapping-final-5b3-5d.jpg   Tutorial UV Mapping-pic1-5b3-5d.jpg   Tutorial UV Mapping-pic3-5b3-5d.jpg   Tutorial UV Mapping-pic4-5b3-5d.jpg  

    Tutorial UV Mapping-pic5-5b3-5d.jpg   Tutorial UV Mapping-pic9-5b3-5d.jpg   Tutorial UV Mapping-pic10-5b3-5d.jpg   Tutorial UV Mapping-pic11-5b3-5d.jpg  

    Tutorial UV Mapping-pic12-5b3-5d.jpg   Tutorial UV Mapping-pic13-5b3-5d.jpg   Tutorial UV Mapping-pic14-5b3-5d.jpg   Tutorial UV Mapping-pic15-5b4-5d.jpg  

    Tutorial UV Mapping-pic17-5b7-5d.jpg  
    Si vas a subir un trabajo al foro, hazlo adjuntando la imagen, archivo, vídeo o lo que sea, no publicando enlaces de otros sitios.

    |Agradecer cuando alguien te ayuda es de ser agradecido|

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