Create a dragón head

Crear una cabeza de dragon-1.jpg

Contents :
Construction curves
Welding two halves parts is to model only one !
and after...
The claws, the teeth
Construction curves
We will try to see the dragón construction together
At first, you must create curves with the 2D drawing tools. They will be used as templates to put our meshes.

Crear una cabeza de dragon-2.jpg

We begin to draw a dragon's head profile, with the drawing tool from the construction tools.
If you are not really a designer, try to use a graph pad and follows the edges from a picture or a drawing (on paper). I have very often used a graph pad and it works very well with Amapi.
To draw the dragon's head profile in the best way, toggle from perspective to orthogonal mode with the perspective icon in the control panel. You rather make a short-cut with a key (the mine is F because this function is very useful.
If your drawing is too large or too small, use the zoom window or the zoom extents from the control panel (use short-cuts too!) at every time when you are working. While zooming, the current tool remains active.
I draw some profiles, like if my character was cut in slices.
Then toggle into perspective mode and create perpendicular curves. To snap them with my first curve, I use the shift key to constraint the firs point of the new curve to the nearest point of the existing curve.
Like this, I make a coarse lattice to get a first idea of my shape. On these illustrations, you will see 3 different views to see this first project.

Crear una cabeza de dragon-3.jpg

I will continue to draw curves, only with the dawing tool. They will be connected together by using the shift key.

Crear una cabeza de dragon-4.jpg

Now, one of the moments I like! With the Surface extract tool, we begin to fill our meshes.
Here too, I use the shift key to connect my faces to the curves. I will make faces with 4 edges, and with 3 edges in the corners. The working mode is: clik on 4 points, validate to create a face, clik on 4 points, validate to create an other one.

Crear una cabeza de dragon-5.jpg

If I have to stop, I will create an other set of faces I can weld with the first ones.

Crear una cabeza de dragon-6.jpg

Sometimes, I launch a rendering or display my object in OpenGL mode to get a good idea of my shape. I turn around the shape with the arrow keys, Zoom in with the 3 key, or Zoom out with the . key as I need. This is a great quality of Amapi, and with the time, you type on the keys without watching your fingers.
Like this, I will create the top of my dragón head. Sometimes, the curves didn't have points enough: I add points with the function "add a point to a curve" into the Tools/More tools menu.
It happens may curves have errors. I move my points with the stretch or mold tools.
If I have to connect a point with another one, I use the shift key.
If I must move a point following an axis, I toggle the axis with the space bar.
When the faces are done, I hide the 2D curves, to better see my dragón head. The curves are not deleted. I can show them with the Show tool if I want.
Now, I can weld all my faces.
A little bit of modeling:
But I've done a mistake : the mouth of my dragón is not enough opened. Later, it must shows its terrific teeth. No problem! We are now modifying this with the modeling tools.

Crear una cabeza de dragon-7.jpg

I will select the lower jaw of my dragón. To do this, I toggle form the wand to the lasso and I select the points to be modified.
The lower part of the mouth is selected. I take the rotation tool and I set my rotation axis
(Option key, and clik on Mac, or mouse's right hand button on PC). I can now rotate this part of the jaw.
My dragón opens its jaw now, like you can see it on this picture.
Welding to halves parts is to model only one!
Easy to do: With the mirror 3D tool, I mirror the half dragon's head
Select the 3D Mirror tool, a bounding box appears on the half dragon's head.
Clik on the a bounding box side where you want to see the second half. That's done!

Crear una cabeza de dragon-8.jpg

You just have to weld the 2 halves together, to get one. But before, a rendering to see this head.

Crear una cabeza de dragon-9.jpg

and after...?
After, you have to be patientŠ
You have to make the horns, then placing them on the dragon's head and they must seem to going out from the head. You have to suppress some faces of the head and paste .
Instead some parts sculpted from the horns section. This is a big job, but when it is finished, this looks good.
You will have to smooth the head, to stretch on faces with the mold tool to make nostrils, and some wrinkles.