In a newsletter to registered users Chaos Group today shed some light on the near future of VRay

Because VRay has evolved way past the original 1.1 feature list, Chaos Group have decided that the next major VRay release will be VRay 1.5 . This will still be a free upgrade for current registered users, and massive polygon rendering will be included the Advanced versión for free.

The new features are currently only available in the internal builds, but a publicly available release candidate versión is expected at the beginning of May 2004.

After the release of 1.5 this is the plan (quoted from newsletter):
"Furthermore, once we have released V-Ray 1.5 final, we will
concentrate on the first release of the standalone versión of V-Ray, as well as connections for Alias MAYA and other platforms. As we have taken special steps in the past few months to make V-Ray practically a standalone module, the first release should not take too long. This step took us a lot longer than we promised, but we will make up for the much shorter development times that we require from now on. Which means – sooner release date for V-Ray final for MAYA. The first V-Ray builds for MAYA will be available for public beta testing.

After V-Ray 1.5 is released, we will continue adding extensions to the basic core such as additional geometric primitives (render-time meshsmooth'd geometry), shaders etc."

Aich, mañana lo traduzco, que estoy muerto de sueño...

Lo de la 1.5 suena muy bien... pero están tardando mucho en lanzar alguna nueva versión, no?
Ah, más información en

Hale pues, saludos!