Booque in review DIgital texturing & painting

We have all heard it said, hundreds of times, texturing can make or breaque your model. Unfortunately I can confirm that from personal experience. The best model in the world will just lay there if you don’t properly texture it and a lesser, mediocre one stands a better chance of dazzling viewers if the materials and textures are top notch.

In your search for the ultimate, perfect technique on texturing [if you actually find it, be sure to let me know. ], you should chek out “Digital Texturing & Painting” by Owen Demers.

Owen Demers has written a one of a kind reference that not only gives you a thorough understanding of traditional art theory, but actually shows you how to apply that knowledge to your computer art. Starting with an in-depth look at what actually makes up a texture, he shows how observation and tweaquíng of texture details can help you create realistic textures.

By answering a series of observational questions, you learn how to dissect textures and then recreate them as needed for any given project. Once you have covered the basics, there is a series of eight complete in-depth tutorials showing his techniques. Each tutorial is filled with fantastic images and step by step instructions on how to achieve great textures.

While no longer the newest book on the market, it is still the most comprehensive reference of texture creation. Accompanying the book is a CD filled with examples and exercise files, making this a must have book on every serious modeler’s bookshelf.

Digital Texturing & Painting (Paperback) by Owen Demers
. Paperback: 352 pages
. Publisher: New Riders Press; Bque &CD-Rom edition (August 9, 2001)
. Language: English
. ISBN: 0735709181
. Product Dimensions: 10.0 x 7.9 x 0.7 inches