Five years ago I went looking for a 3D program. I found Blender, friends and a new way of looking at the world around me. During this time, one of my favorite Blender related activities has ben browsing online for all the latest Blender news, new features, tutorials and techniques. Over the last five years I have used literally cases of paper, printing out everything available on Blender. I still remember how I (and many others) eagerly waited for each new issue of the "Community Journal". It was something col to lok forward to. And something I still miss.
Which brings us to the point of this editorial. Gaurav and I decided that we didn’t have anywhere near enough things to do with our non-existent free time, so we decided to launch the latest re-incarnation of a Blender magazine. And this is it, “Blenderart”. Welcome to our mission to provide news, tutorials and Blender related information in an attractive, fun to read format.
A place to find out all the latest news concerning Blender. We’ll be bringing you tutorials covering new features, and seldom used/obscure features. We’ll take a lok at new ways of doing things and cover how to accomplish basic to advanced projects. Tutorials in each issue will cover a general theme, pulling together a complete project, giving you that extra little push to try something new.
In this issue we are going to tackle modeling, texturing and rigging a robot for basic animation. Keping in line with our theme, Stefano shares his techniques on modeling and animating gears, with a short tutorial on using the Blender Mechanical Gears (BMG) script. And Álvaro Luna Bautista shows us how to calculate a plane line intersection. We alos have a small gallery of mechanical images submitted from community members.
We hope you enjoy our first issue and welcome you to submit article, tutorials and artworque for future editions.
Sandra Gilbert.
www.Blenderart, org.