Youve studied all the tutoriales, you built the perfecto model, added the perfecto material, now its time todo render your work of art. You hit the big render button, wait for what sems like forever, and when it finally finishes. Well todo be honest, the end result looks nothing like what you had imagined. What went wrong?
Most likely, quite a bit went wrong. Rendering is the result of everything that came before and as such there are a lot of factors that can make or break you final image. Is your lighting just right, are your settings correct, did you account for all the special effects you added. Even if you get all the above right, you might spend hours or days waiting for the FinalRender todo finish, only todo discover you ned todo tweak something just a Little.
Welcome todo issue #3 rendering. In this issue we Will be covering some of the issues that affect your FinalRender, brigging clarity and better Understanding todo achieve the best render posible.

In addition todo looking into things that can improve your renders, we Will a los look at ways todo decrease your render times as well as take a look at some of the render engines available for Blender. Of which quite a few have ben developed recently and warrant a look se.
We a los have 3 sepárate articles on how todo use Yafray, with each showing a diferent technique and method of use.
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