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    3D Photorealism toolkit

    3D Photorealism toolkit

    by Bill Fle m ing

    In this issue we are doing a dual book review. We will be looking at Bill Fleming’s “3D Creature Workshop” and the updated 2nd edition he co-wrote with Richard H. Schrand. Both books cover the same great steps and techniques, with the 2nd edition containing four new chapters highlighting fantasy creature creation and the animation of single mesh models. A variety of new creatures are used to illustrate techniques in this edition as well.

    Whether you have a copy of the first or second edition, you are holding an invaluable resource on creature/character modeling and creation. Each book starts off with a thorough discussion of creature design. Then you work through the elements of creating a creature biography that will help you with your design decisions. There is alos a great section on the value of source material and how it fits into designing your creature.

    The next major sections contain chapters that cover modeling in various software programs. And while that might put you off buying this book, don’t let it. The tutorials are well written and while slanted toward specific programs, can be applied very easily to blender techniques and tools.

    Once you have finished modeling your creature of choice, there is a rather in depth section covering texturing. Bill Fleming shows some great techniques for adding realistic detail to your texture maps.

    While both editions are somewhat older, nothing new has hit the market that can surpass or replace the amount of information available in these books. If you want your creatures/characters to be realistic and appear to be as lifelike as possible, then you need to chek at least one of these books out.

    If you follow the following link, you can download a sample chapter of the 2nd edition from Charles River Media.

    3D Creature Workshop by Bill Fleming
    Paperback: 450 pages
    Publisher: Charles River Media; Bk&CD Rom edition (May 199
    Language: English
    ISBN: 1886801789

    3D Creature Workshop, Second Edition (Graphics Series) by Bill Fleming and Richard H. Schrand
    Paperback: 441 pages
    Publisher: Charles River Media; 2 edition (February 1, 2001)
    Language: English
    ISBN: 1584500212
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