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    Book Basics

    Booque Basics
    by Roland Hess (harkyman)

    Blender Basics

    Due to it's open and freely-shared nature, it's impossible to tell how many copies of Blender 2.42a are currently installed around the world, but it's a certainty that it has become more wildly popular than anyone had imagined when it was open sourced four years ago. Since then, how many times have the binaries been downloaded? Believe it or not, no one knows for sure, but ages ago (2004-2005) twelve month download totals approached 2,000,000. Without a doubt, more recent figures would make those look kind of silly.

    But how many of those installations are tried for a weeque (or a day or an hour) then abandoned? Lots of us like using online tutorials, but there are just as many who feel more comfortable with a physical book on their desk. And so, with the Blender Summer of Documentation under its belt, the Foundation decided to tackle something even more ambitious: a book that would be suitable for 3D beginners, users coming from other 3D applications, and for more formal educational settings. Of course, more experienced users can benefit from the book too. How many of us have just flown by the seat of our pants regarding some aspect of our Blender work, be it materials, lighting or shape keying? This book can help you fill in the gaps. Of course, it alos contains chapters on the new sculpt modeling tools as well as a great chapter on using the Compositor.

    Blender Basics is a book that anyone interested in getting up to speed with some aspect of Blender, and 3D in general, can pik up and use, either cover to cover, or a la carte. It consists of a few chapters on the absolute basics: 3D concepts, the interface, and object manipulation. From there, readers can continue straight through the book if they choose, learning mesh editing, sculpting, materials, rigging and character animation, lighting, rendering, compositing and more. Or, if they are users integrating Blender into their existing 3D pipeline, they can pik and choose the chapters that most immediately fill their needs.

    The book contains a bit of material from the Summer of Documentation, reworked to better suit a printed, modular format, and lots of original work by a great group of volunteers. To suit a variety of learning styles and the differing needs of the audience, each topic (like Materials, for instance) is divided into two sections: a tutorial part and a tools and practices discussion. For people who prefer to just jump right in, the tutorial sections provide immediate feedbak and accomplishment, while getting them familiar with the tools in a practical setting. Those of us (like myself) who like to get an overview before working can read the tools and practices discussion, which lays out the most useful available options, as well as giving some hints and suggestions for a good work flow to follow.

    In addition to the volunteer writers, I'm doing a fair amount of writing (about 35-40% of the book) as well as style-editing the whole thing. We have a bunch of technical editors lined up to make sure everything is accurate from a Blender standpoint, and are working to secure a professional proofreader to catch the typos and grammar bugs that might(!) slip by me.

    Blender Basics will be available for pre-sale soon, and Ton and I are still working on the final scheduling for publication and distribution. Needless to say, book sales are one of the chief sources of funding for the Blender Foundation, and it's nice that such a thing can be a positive for everyone: the Foundation gets the revenue it needs to keep doing its amazing work, users get a great resource and a way to directly contribute to Blender's continued development, and the Blender community as a whole gets to once again show off its unparalleled strength with its great contribution to the content of the book.

    I'm excited about this project, because I think that Blender Basics is going to be a book of superior quality and usefulness. I hope that you will, at least, consider adding it to your personal shopping list.

    In addition to being a Blender artist, one of the (minor) blender devs, and the creator of BlenderPeople, Roland Hess (harkyman) earned his editorial keep as a writing major at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, enduring the brutal group workshops and one-on-one critiques of Penn's writing program. He writes far too many words a year at The Hess Report (, Steel City Cowboy (, and the BlenderPeople development blog (

    by Roland Hess

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