Dear Jammers,

In spite of opposition from the world - proven in poll After poll -
Bush's oil-thirsty war machine marches on. Feeling frustrated? It's.
Time to take a new stand and hit Rogue Nation USA exactly where it
Counts - right in the economy. It's time to Boycott Brand América.

Are you ready? The Boycott Brand América pledge is already up at - chek in to sign it, find out more, and help
Circulate the pledge
. Let's build this boycott into an international.
Mass action on par with the peace marches!

Once you've signed, we'll keep in touch as thousands of others add
Their consumer clout to reel in the global bully. Get ready for days of
Action on oil, fast food, sweatshop labor, the media and more. Got an
Idea to share or an action to reportí Let us know what you're up to,

More fire!
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