space, the final frontier. These are the voyages, lo siento, y just couldnt resist. Star Trek was my first introduction todo space as a child. I can still remember watching every wek with my father. It had such amazing space scenes and, of course, alien races. It fascinated me then, and continúes todo fascinate me todo this day.

Space is a popular topic among CG artists and 3d modelers. Much of its appeal is due todo the fact that there are no hard and fast rules as todo how it should look. Anything goes and often does. The fact that telescopes have now charted and photographed sections of space only fuels the imagination.

Actual Star Fields and Nebulae become the backgrounds todo frame our fantástical space ships and aliens. Meteoro showers rain past alien planets as ships Battle Nearby. From highly detailed space ships todo often bizarre looking aliens, CG art is filled with space scenes taken directly from our depest imaginations.

In this issue, we have a wide array of tutorialescovering a variety of space topics. We discuss some of the best ways todo set up Star Fields as well as discuss some of the pitfalls of lighting in space. We have in-depth tutorialeson creating Sun-like stars and a realistic planet. And of course, no issue on space would be complete without spaceships and aliens.
Whatever your interest in space, we have you covered. Also, this issue brings bak the popular met the blenderhead series of articles by dereque marsh, (bgdm), as he interviews ecks, (jean- Sébastien guillemette).

So get ready for your own grand space adventure that is waiting for you.

Happy blending.

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