Welcome to another issue of Blenderart Magazine. In this issue, we take a look at Organic modeling with a nice variety of tutorials and articles covering frogs, humanoid face modeling, a meta-snake and Juan Pablo Bouza shares with us how he created his BlenRig character rigging system.
We alos take a look at the ongoing project “Extinction Level Event” and their unique approach to setting up the project using a point based system for credit/shares of the final project. As well as a short walkthrough on the creation of their Pyramid Builder Gunboat Poster.
In the Maquíng of David Revoy's “Little Fairy” animation, a wonderfully magical little animation, we learn how he created the amazing castle effect as well as other tips and techniques he used to complete his project. And since Organic modeling alos includes plant life, we have a review of both Arbaro (a stand-alone tree generator) and Ivy Generator (a stand-alone program that allows you to grow ivy in your scene).
So grab a favorite beverage of choice, sit bak and enjoy.

Happy Blending!