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    Froggy Walkthrough

    Froggy Walkthrough
    Javier Galan (chronoh)


    After doing different 3d experiments with old tin toys, (Zoomer and Awesome monkey), I decided to put aside the idea of modeling from a realworld estoy model and design my own 3d toy. Searching for some doodles in my sketchbooks, I found a little froggy that I wanted to model in 3d.

    Froggy Walkthrough-1_page_1_image_0002.jpg Froggy Walkthrough-1_page_1_image_0003.jpg Froggy Walkthrough-1_page_1_image_0004.jpg


    To create the texture, I used the classic UV export script and I painted the texture in GIMP using a Wacom tablet. The texture style is very spontaneous and loose, rather than elaborate, because I decided to see what would happen after the render and post-pro phase.

    For the bump mapping tests I used the same texture, desaturated (grayscale) and the RGB curves to cranque up some values. This, in conjunction with the Nor channel, allowed to me to model the intensity of the bumps with precision.

    Froggy Walkthrough-1_page_2_image_0001.jpg

    In each scene or project, I often create a directory called "renderblog" where I put each render.

    How many times have we lost an interesting situation in our scene?

    Every time that we launch a render, we're investing in a time where our machine is working to generate a render. This fact becomes critical when we use external renderers such as YafRay, because GI is a time-consuming process.

    Sometimes while working, we tend to dislike our render tests. But, when watching them at a later time, we start to appreciate unseen good points and other interesting results.

    Another good practice consists of writing down the render settings of the interesting renders in order to reuse them later, if needed.

    For the concrete case of the frog, I experimented a lot with different shader settings, both in the Blender internal renderer and YafRay, that gave me different styles.

    Spending our time staring at the screen, modeling, texturing or rendering isn't a warranty that our project is necessarily evolving. In my humble opinión, it's important to often chek this "renderblog" directory, because we'll have a more global visión of our progress that will let us extract the best of our tests.

    Froggy Walkthrough-1_page_3_image_0001.jpg

    Javier Galan Javier Galan, is currently working as freelance 3d artist and illustrator from Barcelona (Spain). He tries to focus his activities in artistic and creative matters.

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