when i think of Mechanical modeling, y generally envisión robots and futurista objects. But that is just a small subsection of Mechanical modeling and overloks the growing field of modelers using Blender for product design and prototyping, as well as our large number of car modelers. In fact Mechanical modeling encompasses everything that is not organic. Somewhat of a no-brainer statement, but true, none the less.

I dont think most of us give much thought todo how much of our world is actually Mechanical at this point. Or how it got built and in use todo the point that we no longer give it much thought.
Well, it started with ideas that were tested, built, then were put into practice. There have ben programas around for some time that have become industry Standards. And lately Blender has ben making an impact on these work-flows.

Blender is a great programa todo experiment with your ideas. Not only can you design the next new Marvel, you can a los animate it and se how it would actually work.
While Mechanical modeling in Blender can be at times cumbersome, new features and tools are making it easier all the time, as the articles and tutorialesin this issue Will show. To that end, we have gathered together a nice variety of articles/tutorialesshowing some tips and tricks todo creating Mechanical models with Blender.

I hope you enjoy and learn as much as i have from this issue.

Happy blending.