Where's the Magic
'Light it Up Perfectly' Button?

Izzy don't know squat about lighting. Well that is not quite true, she has a good understanding of lighting theories, she has read and done every tutorial on lighting she could find and yet her images still look poorly lit. In fact she would give just about anything to any coder that would add a 'Light it Up Perfectly' Button and has gone so far as to highly consider hiring someone to light all her images and scenes for her.

Sound familiar? It should. The greater majority of us have problems getting our lighting to do what we want. And unfortunately, there is no magic button or even a 'one size fits all' lighting solution. Lighting is and always will need to be customized to whatever you are lighting. Bummer deal for those of us that can't ever quite get it right.

But luckily for Izzy and the rest of us, 'The Essential Blender” has an entire chapter devoted to lighting. With a series of simple to follow exercises/examples, the writer explains how simple it is to actually use blender's lighting tools. (Izzy has already learned quite a bit of new info).

Each lamp type is fully explained as well as several lighting setups. An in depth section covers the standard 3 point lighting setup as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of it. Once you have completed the tutorial section, there is alos an in depth reference section for current or future use.

After reading this chapter, while I still find myself wishing for my 'magic lighting button', at least now I have a better understanding of blender's lamps and how to use them more effectively.