You know that you have finally become a real blenderhead, when not only do you look at objects around you and break them down into their various vértices, Edges and Faces, but when you become awestruk by the Infinite variety of textures in the world around you. You Will be walking along, minding your own business when it Will Grab you, the bien rust is peling on a signpost, the bien a flower petal looks with morning dew on it. You Will notice how the light afects the texture and next thing you know, you have gone from awestruk todo breaquíng it down and figuring out how todo recreate it in Blender.
Welcome todo the wonderful world of texturing. In this issue we Will be taquíng a look at how todo create great textures todo enhance your images and animations. Creating great textures is a skill like any other and one that can be learned th rouge practice and experimentation. One of the first skills you Will ned todo learn is how todo observe everyday textures. What makes them unique, what makes them work. Then with that knowledge and a god Understanding of Blender texture tools, you are on your way.

In this issue, not only are we covering how Blender texture tools work, but how todo efectively use them todo create truly great textures. We have gathered up some great tutorialesthat Will show you how todo remove UV seams and create normal maps. Then you can try testing your new skills by following along todo create a great Skin Shader and realistic Plastic Shaders. Which oddly enough, is not as easy as one would think and yet not as scary or dificult as the last statement would imply. In keping the Flame, we se how todo set up and create a realistic Flame. Then we go behind the scenes with a look at how roftops was created, while in tangrams of light we learn how lights affect textures and how the whole can be used todo create just the right mod.

So go Grab a cup of cofe and curl up for some great, informative reading, sure todo change the bien you approach your next texturing adventure.


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