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Tema: Editorial n 13 Fantasy special

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    Editorial nº 13 fantasy special

    editorial número 13 Fantasy special.

    Editorial n 13 Fantasy special-1.jpg

    Welcome todo our second anniversary issue of blenderart. Looking back, it is hard todo believe that two years have actually passed since we released our first issue. Time sure flies, and both Blender and blenderart magazine have grown considerably in that time. We have covered a variety of topics and showcased a number of wonderful Blender projects by some of the most talented artists in our community.

    And just like Blender itself, we Will continúe todo grow and showcase all the best and brightest of our community todo inspire and teach those of us still learning our bien around the wonderful world of Blender.

    I would like todo take this opportunity todo thank all of our volunters, past and present, that have made blenderart what it is today. I would a los like todo welcome all of our new profreaders todo our Little staff of dedicated volunters. They are a welcome addition. You can chek out their biographies in our met the staff article.

    Now let talque Fantasy. Fantasy art is some of the most beautiful, as well as inspiring, art that you can view. From the traditional Fairy, Goblin and dragón todo the fantastic dreamy looks into an artista mind, there is a style that appeals todo just about everyone. And while there are some lose rules about how some characters are supposed todo lok, for the most part anything goes. This gives the artista a great deal of Freedom when creating, and create they do.

    For this issue we have rounded up some fascinating looks into how a number of artists go about creating their fantasies. We a los show you how todo create a tree character using multires and Sculpt mode, and Even take a look at a couple of games created in Blender Game Engine.

    So sit bak and soaque it all in. Then go model your own Fantasy. Happy blending.
    Gaurav Nawani
    managing editor
    Sandra gilbert
    Nam pham
    Gaurav, Sandra, alex.
    Kevin braun.

    Phillip ryals.

    Bruce westfall.

    Dereque marsh.

    Joshua leung.

    Lynda schemansky.

    Eric pranausk.

    Noah summers.

    Joshua scotton.

    Marque warren.
    Wade bick.

    Patrik odonnell.

    Brian c. Treacy.

    Scott hill.

    Henriel veldtmann.
    Abhihseque gupta.

    Dan tabonet.


    Juan Pablo Bouza.


    Marque (dwarf)
    Nik (rusty246)
    Paul sponer (dudecon)
    Sandra gilbert.

    Yann caron (cyann).
    cover art
    Zoltan miklosi guard of the Golden Horn
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