The idea was to create something playful and interactive for my 8-year- old daughter, apart from all that gloomy animation stuff I usually work on. It ought to be simple and funny. I had a look at Blender's game engine and was amazed by its physics en- gine, "Bullet."

So my daughter and I thought about a character that could be shot and would then blow up into a big balloon that keeps rolling around. First I began with Blender's "Suzanne" that turned into a donut when it was hit. We discovered that the fun increased with every new bouncing donut.

After a few weeks, when the logic of the game was nearly finished, we came upon the idea of changing the character to a dwarf. So the character, environment, and look of the game were the last things in the game's small production line.

While all of the computer work was done by me, my daughter helped me with the textures, nearly all of which were hand-drawn on paper. Some friends of mine are working on noises and sounds that will be added when they are finished.

I have tried to keep everything as simple as possible, from the in- staller to playing the game to uninstalling it.

The installer/uninstaller was made with NSIS, a GPL installing system. The game has a splash screen with all necessary instructions. Dwarf Hunt is a fine game for a coffee break, especially if you are angry with somebody. You will only need one hand and a three-button mouse.

Note that the middle mouse-button is the "boss comes around the corner (quit game)" button. Dwarf Hunt can be downloaded at