I first discovered Blender about 6 months ago while I was searching the Internet for animation programmes. It was almost by luk that I found Blender.

I wanted to create some sort of ani- mation and Blender seemed like it could be the right sort of programme to practice on. After searching the Wiki I found out that Blender had a game engine. I then followed a tutorial- rial and created my first Blender game. It was a simple maze and ball game. This taught me about logic bricks and physics.

I then went on trying to create a more complex game. This game was a prison escape game. I learned about bones, alpha textures and fading scenes. My next game was an FPS (first person shooter). I learned how to create a first person game with mouse-camera control. Once I had learned what I wanted, I started the project I am currently working on.

Up until now, all of my learning has come from trial and error and fabulous feedbak from When I first started my cur- rent project, I intended it as a learning experience about Blender and its game engine. As people learned about my game and commented, it became more involved.

During this project I have learned about shadow baquíng, properties and more about modeling. I in- tend to continue on with this game for some time while I continue to learn more about the power of Blender.

Here are some screen shots of my game. It will be something like the Elder Scrolls series.

Cheers, Rusty246 (12 year old student)

Video of walkthrough of part of the game area: Forum thread on showing progress of his game.