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Tema: MaKING OF: ‘Tripeace’ animated

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    MAKING OF: ‘Tripeace’ animated

    MAKING OF: ‘Tripeace’ animated

    by Denis

    Initially, we just wanted to create a short film of 2 minutes (with neither a scenario nor history, just for fun) to give happy feelings and pleasure through images, bright colors, and simple style. We took such great pleasure in creating these two minutes, that once it was finished it ended up being 11 minutes! The original idea was to make a journey through time and space, and music about evolution. "Tripeace:" a conglomerate of "Trip" and "Peace"

    In terms of design, we wanted a simple style, and we thought that modeling clay was ideal for that. We have modeled the characters and have taken their picture from four angles to be able to model them in Blender, and alos create textures (cracks, flaws) from the photos of the modeling clay.

    What we learned the most in Blender is about Nodes, which can really transform a rendered image. We have used the nodes, "glow," "defocus," and "Bloom FX," which have served us well (maybe we used them a little too much!).

    Given the extremely long render times (the computer was turned on every night for two weeks for final renders), it is very practical in Blender to first make an animation without lights or textures, to see if the pace and framing is good. Next, put the "master plan" in the edit assembly, do the edit, and only render the frames required.

    This has been the small making of Tripeace. Thank you again to all the Blender Team for their help and for the very good piece of software that is Blender!

    Download Tripeace animation:
    On dailymotion (lower resolution, Flash video)
    High-resolution, DivX (embedded)
    DivX download (100MB)

    by Denis

    Miniaturas adjuntadas Miniaturas adjuntadas MaKING OF: ‘Tripeace’ animated-1.jpg   MaKING OF: ‘Tripeace’ animated-2.jpg   MaKING OF: ‘Tripeace’ animated-3.jpg   MaKING OF: ‘Tripeace’ animated-4.jpg  

    MaKING OF: ‘Tripeace’ animated-5.jpg   MaKING OF: ‘Tripeace’ animated-6.jpg   MaKING OF: ‘Tripeace’ animated-7.jpg   MaKING OF: ‘Tripeace’ animated-8.jpg  

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