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Tema: Project Peach, Material Node Cook Book

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    Project Peach, Material Node Cook Book

    Project Peach, Material Node Cooque Book

    Project Peach

    Project Peach is off to a great start. They have produced and posted their first animatic from their story board as well as a video showing Nathan rigging Rinky the squirrel. To see the latest progress on Project Peach, chek out their project site.

    Project Peach is looking for some extra coders to help out in creating volumetric clouds. If you are interested, you can chek out their requirements here.

    The ManCandy FAQ
    The first in an Open Movie Workshop series is available for pre-order.

    The ManCandy FAQ is a collection of animations and video tutorials for rigging and animating with Man- Candy. The animations are in question and answer format (hence the title) and are intended to be a fun way of documenting the rig.

    The DVD includes an HTML interface that contains some written tutorial/reference material, a collection of videos (Animations in 640x480 resolution, Tutorials in 1024x768 resolution), the ManCandy 2.0 blend file, the mystery character blend file, all the blend files for the animations on the DVDs, and of course some helper blend files for the tutorials.

    Material Node Cookbook
    Blenderart Magazine is launching a special project, a Material Node Cookbook.

    As Blender users become more familiar with the Material Node system, a lot of very cool Material Node setups are being created. Unfortunately, the majority of these setups are spread all over the net on various forums, threads and websites. BAM thinks it would be beneficial to the community to gather up as many of these wonderful setups (with the artists’ permission of course) as we can find, add a short ‘how to/description’ of how and why it works and bundle it all in a pdf format ‘Cookbook’.

    It would allow node users to quickly get the look they need without re-inventing the wheel, so to speak. It would alos provide a valuable learning tool for users that are still struggling with the whole Node system.

    After giving it some thought, I am considering some of the following format options:

    1. PDF chapters separated in logical categories for a smaller download size .

    • each category could be updated quickly and or a new pdf with additional nodes could be created.

    Material Node Cookbooque ...

    1. A flash card based system (or more appropriately recipes cards) with the node set-up image on one side of the card and the description/how to on the reverse side

    2. Recipe cards could be added as need with 1st sets bundled according to category and future releases in one download that could be added to your previous sets.

    Preliminary categories (to be adjusted later as setups are submitted)

    1. Organics

    • Skin
    • Nature
    • Wood
    • Food
    • etc.

    2. Inorganics

    • Building
    • Cloth
    • Dirt
    • Metal
    • Patterns
    • Glass
    • etc.

    3. Special Effects
    4. Compositing

    We welcome any and all submissions, in fact the more that are submitted the better our cookbooque will be.

    To submit a Node set-up please follow these guidelines

    1. Node set-up must be an original creation by the person submitting it. Please do not submit someone else's Node set-up, as then I will have to trak down the original artist to obtain permission

    2. Please send a blend file containing your Node set-up. I will be taquíng all the screen shots to maintain a consistent look/size for the cookbooque

    3. If you want to write the description/how-to for your Node set-up, feel free to do so, otherwise I will be happy to take care of that myself.

    So dust off that amazing setup you created and send it in. The community will love you for it.

    Send all submissions to Please put Node set-up in the subject line area.

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    Si vas a subir un trabajo al foro, hazlo adjuntando la imagen, archivo, vídeo o lo que sea, no publicando enlaces de otros sitios.

    |Agradecer cuando alguien te ayuda es de ser agradecido|

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