Maquíng a Low Poly Character from a High Poly Model
by ititrx

This is a short tutorial explaining a technique to model a low poly Game Engine character over a high poly model. There are many techniques to accomplish this (box modeling, combing shapes, etc) so this is just one of them. Please use your favourite modeling techniques while following along. Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Open Blender and delete the default camera and cube. Select layer 2 and import a high poly model of your choice. Divide your screen into three views, two 3D views on the top and the buttons view on the bottom. Choose one 3D view for the front view and one for the side view.

Select layer 1 and layer 2. You will make your model on layer 1 over the model on layer 2. You can make your planes as large as you care to, and as close to the model on layer 2 as you choose. When you want to chek your model, just clik layer 1. Another option would be to just leave the the model on layer one and hide/unhide it for use.

Step1: Now place the 3D cursor on the forehead in the front view and chek alignment in the side view as illustrated in Fig 1. From front view, insert a plane.

With the plane still selected and in edit mode, add a mirror modifier, as in Fig 2, to simplify the modeling task.

Step3: Now grab the plane and move it to the right on the X axis as in Fig3.

Step4: From the side view, rotate the plane on the X axis to match the angle of the model, Fig.4.

Step5: Select the right edge of the plane and extrude it on the X axis, Fig.5.

Step6: With the right edge still selected, grab on the Y axis and pull it into the edge of the model on layer 2, Fig 6. See how the bottom vertex tips into the model below?

Step7: Extrude that same edge again on the X axis, and then move the edge in towards the model, Fig. 7.

Step8: Fig. 8 shows the results of extruding the two top edges of the two front faces up and toward the bak until the planes touch the model underneath.

Step9: Continue in this manner, covering the model's head on layer 2, Fig 9.

Step10: Fig. 10 and Fig.11 illustrate the selection of layer 1 only to modify the existing planes. Two points were selected and merged into one.

Step11: Fig. 12 and Fig. 13 illustrate face creation from the selected vértices to cover/close the gap between the faces.

Step12: Selecting layer 1 and 2 again, you can see there are some ugly 'point' where the vértices stand out too far from the model, Fig. 14.

Step13: With some vertex tweaquíng, the horns are removed, Fig.15.

Step14: In Fig. 16 the lower edges of the bottom faces were extruded.

Continue in this manner to cover the whole model. Maquíng changes where necessary to cut the polys down. With practice you may be able to get your low poly model done in about 30 minutes. If you have problems with points on your model, you may need to subdivide some planes to help smooth them out.

by ititrx