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    MAKING OF: Monkey Game Project

    MAKING OF: Monkey Game Project
    by John Buresh

    What is MGP? MGP (monkey game project) is an Open Source game project. Open Source means its free to download, play and alter it. So why did a bunch of people get together to spend all this time on a project they don't even get paid for? Well, thats a good question. MGP all started in the mind of one man.

    MagicMyshu. Myshu was a member of a game developer forum. He gained an interest in 3D, but didn't want to spend $3,000 to get into 3D. Eventually, he discovered Blender. So he began his work in 3D, focusing mostly on modeling at the time. Myshu later joined a Blender forum called “Blender Artists” a place where blender users can display their work, and get tips or help on their project. After a few months of playing around with Blender, Myshu got an idea.

    Myshu decided that he would make a small game project, in which people new to Blender could join and learn to make a game. Being a n00b himself, he decided to call this project “N00bs UNITE!”

    A bit crazy rightí But it was a great idea! All Noobs were invited, even if they only had one post on the fourm.

    “You're INVITED to join me! engine to work together and see what they can come up with.”

    “Warning: Game will be reasonably 'random' open mind is required.”

    We will not spend hours or days planning, we will just start to build our project and focus on the actual mechanical aspects for learning and experience sake.”

    People showed interest in joining right away. Within 5 hours, a forum member called VenomSeven had modeled a level for the game. Forum members continued to show interest in this “N00b” project.

    Many more people made small contributions. Mostly models, textures and sounds. Soon, Myshu decided to split the volunteers into teams, such as environments, programming, characters and animations and sound. The game progressed smoothly. The members of “N00bs UNITE” voted on a monkey game. The game then became known as Monkey Game.

    All was going well, until the chaos of managing a project caught up to Myshu.

    “I've sent/received probably about 500 emails/PM's about this project as well as spent 30 hours or so chatting on IRC about it – not to mention the 80 or so posts I've made on the forum about it too – while I was sick.”

    Monkey Game began to crumble. Things went silent, people got angry; it was madness. A few members remained hard at work, determined not to see the project die. This was about the time when I joined. I knew very little about programming but decided to take a risque and jump into the programming team. The programming team had most of the things needed to make the game, we just had to make the game play.

    Slowly, we inched on. I was in charge of health while another member, Stu_Flowers, worked on the inventory. The lead programmer, Chaser, worked on the game play set up. But something was wrong. We all knew it. Monkey Game was dead.

    For quite some time Monkey Game lay on the hard drives of the few remaining members, collecting dust.

    “No one has said it, but everyone's thinking it: the monkey game is dead.”

    But among all the bickering and yelling about the dead MGP, there was still hope:

    “I have put way to much of my personal time and effort for the MG project to just die...”

    And just like that MG (monkey game) was reborn, but this time, better, more organized, and more prepared for the realities of game creation. The former members of MG got bak together and began to work on it once again. With new ways of commúnicating, there was much progress.

    Within the next few months, the members decided to start over, and they began a new era of MGP. MGP now had a website that allowed the members to commúnicate with their community, since the threads on the forum were rarely updated. Over the summer of 2007, MGP members took a break, occasionally submitting new work.

    In August of 2007, MGP was issued in the Blender Game Expose which was a great achievement for the members.

    MGP was bak on its feet, but the “leader”, Myshu was nowhere to be found. We have not seen him since. This did not stop MGP.

    So, How was MGP made?
    MGP was made by a bunch of people throwing pieces of work together to make a game. As I mentioned before, MGP was split into sections. There was Characters and Animations, which was lead by Myshu.

    They worked on all of the character modeling, including texturing, rigging and animating them. Another team was Programming. We worked on the game play setup and any logic and python needed within the game. The environment team worked on the entire environment that was used in the level; this included modeling levels and props, as well as texturing them. The Sound team worked on well, sounds. =) There was alos a Mini-Game team, they worked on the mini-games that we planned to have in the game.

    The reason why MGP didn't crumble apart is because all the teams worked seamlessly together. When the programming team needed new animations, the Character and Animations team was there with their blends waiting. Plus, we learned from our mistakes when it died the first time, commúnication was key. The programming team worked side by side, emailing each other whenever someone got a new idea or finished a script. The rest of the teams alos worked together and made sure that each member was informed with the latest news.

    Many days were put into MGP, almost a year passed since it started.

    “We really didn't have a specific plan so we just threw together models, textures, layouts, and ideas and from this came a template we could use to make levels'

    'We made a ton of content but 80% of it didn't even make it into the demo so we plan to release two separate versións of MGP.”

    As VenomSeven stated above, there will be two versións of the MGP demo available for download when we release, A regular demo versión which will include a complete demo of MGP, the second will be a MGP demo Special Edition which will include the complete demo, and the files that did not make it into the demo, and possibly a few other things.

    The MGP demo will feature over 700 lines of code along with tons of logic bricks. The programming is based off of an empty system, which has empties that control most of the features, parented onto the player. This gives the programming team an advantage when editing a feature, without messing up any of the others. Most of the python scripts are explained in the file, so you will just have to wait and see. =)

    MGP has inched its way towards releasing a demo. There are very few of us left now, and with a release only a few days away, we hope we can show the community how much we have learned because that is what MGP is about.

    by John Buresh

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