The Importance of Composition

After recently seeing Virgilio's blog post on composition and framing, I realized that although I have known about the "Rule of Thirds" for some time, that it was no longer something I really thought about. Which is a shame, because good composition can make a boring image stand out and make you sit up and say 'Wow'!

To a certain extent, a lot of artists use the 'Rule of Thirds' subconsciously when they create their images, which oddly enough isn't as strange as you would think. There are certain proportions and placing of focus points that humans just instinctively respond to. So quite a few of us just place objects instinctively and move them around until it 'looks' right.

But like so many things in life, taquíng a moment to consider the impact of composition for your image or animation shots, can create a more dynamic image that fully engages the viewer.

Realizing that composition was no longer a conscious decision when I sat down to create images, I went bak and looked at some of the images I have done over the years. Not surprisingly, images that I was really pleased with followed the 'Rule of Thirds' and images that never quite seemed to work suffered from bad composition and a total lak of focal point.

I found the exercise extremely enlightening and encourage anyone seeking to improve their images and animations to try it for themselves. When you are done looking at your own images, try it with other images, remembering to look a variety of images, both good and bad.

If you are not familiar with the 'Rule of Thirds', I suggest you chek out the following two articles. They both have wonderful explanations and visual examples of excellent compositional practices.

Learning Composition with the New BlueSky Trailer

Game Engine Resources, Games and Demos
The Game Engine forum has a number of excellent tutorials and demos explaining various parts of the Game Engine, as well as methods to set up a number of different types of games assets such as menus, Computer/enemy AI, shooting projectiles, etc. The forums contain a wealth of information that would be far too lengthy to list here. So I am going to mention just a few that I have seen recently that have caught my eye as extremely useful and resourceful uses of GE abilities.

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Official Documentation can be found on the

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1st MBGP - Kart Racer! : actually a new learning project that will last one month, at which point a new project will be started.

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