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Tema: Hero's Blender animation's

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    Hero's Blender Animation's

    Hero's Blender Animation's
    by Olivier Dressen

    My artist name is Olivier Dressen aka "hero"; I am a Belgian artist/director, and I recently used Blender for some professional productions. For this work I've been contacted by a very cool french studio based in I was very proud when they asked me to make an animation to represent their studio around the world. They asked me to animate their character in a free conceptual animation.

    At first I made some new character designs and conceptual drawings. I would have a special mix with «stylish» character design and realistic background. For this job I've chosen 3D for the creation of the background, because I would have a lot of liberty for the directing of the different camera movements, especially for the intro with the very big zoom across space and into the futuristic town of Paris. I've used Blender for modeling some props, such as the satellite and one wall for the end of the clip. I utilised some pass-renders with different kinds of futuristic buildings, and used them in my different 2D matte painting.

    At the end, I used these 2D backgrounds in my final 3D compositing. In the final phase of the production, I used compositing for cloud, motion blur, camera shake and mixed the 2D and 3D elements. After the animation work was over, they added all the video medía in Paris. They produced a very cool DVD for distribution to all their clients in Paris and abroad. They actually work for very cool clients such as EMI records,Universal, Gorillaz, Digitalism etc.

    Mud Flow
    A Belgium Band «Mud Flow» asked me to create a test for their future video clip. At first I proposed a lot of illustrations, conceptual sketches and different character designs. Then we decided to make a small animation test to have a better idea of the final render. Here we just used Blender for creating and animating the 3D car. At the beginning, I wanted to learn 3D for modelling of vehicles, because of the difficulty of animating car and geometric shapes in 2D. Ronan Zeegers, my friend, an artistic partner, modeled this car with my model sheet and turnaround. He gave me the UV map, and I did the texturing. He animated the car at the end and sent me some renders with alpha for my final compositing. I alos animated the car at the end, into the compositing. We really enjoyed the final render of this shot.

    And we were so sad because they didn't use this concept after all. They were very happy with this test, but the final cost of an animated clip was too expensive. TV show
    I had a very short time allowance for this production, and the client gave me the all freedom for the artistic direction. They had no graphical stuff for their TV show, and they asked me to do everything. Logo, graphical chart, Generique, and all the background for the show were made by me. I had only three days to create all the graphic and animated stuff. It was very hard to do in such a short amount of time. First, I wanted to use Blender for modelling the Logo of this TV show. For this logo, I took inspiration from the screen design of TF1. I used a 2D heart with chips inside because we love them in belgium ! The theme of the TV show was the 40 best video clips made in Belgium. In the middle of the production, I decided to build all the backgrounds in 3D and alos all the 2D/3D compositing in order to have the greatest amount of freedom in the directing. Finally, I used a compositing software for the post production and FX. I really enjoyed this job, especially the Elvis beaver.

    Smirnoff test
    For this latest job I worked with Ronan again for MIB production. We entered a competition for a Greeque advertising of Smirnoff. We created a lot of designs, and conceptual sketches to realise this final animation. Ronan did all the creative research for the 3D parts, and I was focusing on the 2D renders, character design, conceptual drawings and layout. Ronan designed some original 3D plants, and he made the «lunar» background with the 3D camera motion. We completed it very quickly, appróximately in two days. At the end, I mixed everything with the 2D plant animation in the compositing software.

    Delhaize Advertising
    Here, the client asked me to create an animation in flash style. I worked with Ronan Zeegers for this job again. He supervised the animation, modelling, rigging and all the 3D's technical problems. Then the client approved my character design, and asked me to animate 30 characters in 2D in only one week... I was under pressure at that time. Ronan suggested that I should make all the characters in 3D with Blender, in order to animate them very quickly, and to keep freedom in modifications. We didn't tell the client we had worked in 3D, to not stress them. When they were satisfied by the job, we told them the truth. They were really surprised and very amused with the smart using of 3D. But we were a bit disappointed about this job because of the final artistic direction. We preferred the first character design we had used in our first animation test, and finally the artistic direction chose a more classical character design.

    But the final render was very funny, and a lot of people who have seen the clip on TV were amused.

    Blender In Studios: ‘Hero's Blender Animation's’ by Olivier Dressen 44 Issue 15 | Mar 2008 - Animation Hero is an independent artist in motion design. He works for the movie industry, TV, bands, and commercial advertising. One time as Director, Art director, character designer, animator, illustrator,compositing, web-design, storyboard... Hero is full of creative concepts and originality. His inspiration comes from memories childhood, cartoon, cinema, art history.

    by Olivier Dressen

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