Editorial nº 16 WoW Factor

In a digital world where most everything is faked or is a work around of some kind, the desire for ever more realistic effects and models, faked or not, has CG artists always wishing for more. Especially when it comes to hair/fur, water simulation and a realistic cloth modifier, just to name a few.

And while a great many great animations and images never make use of high end techniques, tools and effects, at some point all CG artists wish to play with these concepts and tools, if for no other reason than "it's cool!"

CG artists do understand that not every feature wish is possible, but luckily for us the blender coders are very talented at giving us as many of these wished-for features.

Yay, us!
The Peach project (Big Buk Bunny) gave us some very nice improvements to the particle system allowing for some truly beautiful hair/fur. When set up right, it looks so software, you just want to reach out and touch it.

After years of development, our long wished for cloth modifier has arrived. The new cloth modifier will herald a new age of test images filled with nicely draped clothes, blowing flags and all manner of fluttering cloth.

And who can resist setting up a massive flood or tidal wave scene with water crashing everywhere. Or better yet, create a beautiful work of Fluid art.

In this issue we cover how to use some of these great tools as well as how to set up some very cool effects. So go find your favorite chair and settle in for a great read.

Happy Blending!
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