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Tema: 3 Strip Technicolor Conversion

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    3 Strip Technicolor Conversion

    3 Strip Technicolor Conversión
    By Arland B. Woodham III

    The goal of the effect is to take video imagery and make it look like it was filmed using Technicolor. This can be fairly easy to accomplish using Blender’s node system and is just a matter of knowing which settings to use. I am using the same image that was used in the aviatorvfx example.

    Start by bringing up the nodes editing window, selecting Composite Nodes and then Use Nodes. This will add a basic node setup to the screen. Select the Render Layer node and delete it. Now add an Image node found under the Input section of the Add menú. Then select the image you wish to apply the effect to.

    Here is the node setup.

    Don’t worry, it’s not really as complicated as it looks. First, add three Channel Key nodes from the Matte section and a Separate RGBA node from the Convertor section of the Add menú. Take each of these and connect them to the output of the Image node. I will get bak to the Separate RGBA node later. First, set each of the Channel Key nodes to R, G, and B. Alos set the Low on each node to 0.5 and the High to 1.0. These nodes let us make masks based on the colors in the image and to use them for the effect we need to combine them. So now we need three Mix nodes from the Color section of the Add menú. Using the drop down, change each node from Mix to Multiply and then connect the two Image inputs to the Matte outputs of the two Channel Keys that are not part of that color. For the first Mix node it is the Red channel, so we take the Matte outputs of the Green and Blue Channel Keys and connect them to the inputs of our Red Mix node (the order does not matter). After that, we create three more Mix nodes set to Multiply. Now we are going to use the Separate RGBA node, connect each output to the appropriate node and for the second node input, use the output of the previous Mix node (again the order does not matter). Finally, add a Combine RGBA node from the Convertor section of the Add menú and connect each Mix node into it. All that is left is to connect the image output to the Composite node and Render. (Make sure Do Composite is selected in the Render Options).

    The resulting render

    is almost done, but there is a slight problem with the bright white parts of the clouds. This is noticeable in the upper left corner so to correct this you need to adjust the Channel key amounts.

    Here I have dropped the High value one of the Red channel to 0.95 and the result looks good.

    This can be hit or miss, just tweaque the high value on each channel by small amounts until you get the desired result.

    And there you have it - Blender can perform the same compositing effect that was used in a major motion picture.

    About me
    My name is Arland B. Woodham III but, most call me Barry. I am a Graphic Specialist for a company that creates military training courseware.

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