Create Scenes with a Seamless Background
By Kernon Dillon

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to quickly create scenes with a seamless background suitable for nice studio-styled render of your models, product presentations, cartoon-styled settings and more.

Here are a few examples using this simple setup:

How To Setup Your Scene

Setting this up couldn't be easier. Simply add a Plane object that will serve as the floor and set it to only display shadows... that's it!

Enable the "OnlyShad" option for the floor object.

World settings

Note that the floor object needs to be large enough to fully capture any shadows cast by the objects in the scene. If the floor object isn't large enough, you'll easily see where the shadows appear to be clipped. Simply increase the floor object's size and the problem is solved.

Example of the floor object (Plane) sized too small.

Rendered results of having the floor object sized too small.
I'm sure there are many ways to utilize this simple technique to achieve a variety of effects, so have fun and experiment!

Kernon Dillon is a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer and the owner/operator of the BlenderNewbies Video Tutorial website. A free video tutorial demonstrating the technique described in this article can be found at (“Showcase your 3D Models with a Basic Studio-styled Setup”)

By Kernon Dillon