Editorial nº 18 Landscapes, Enviroments & Sets

September heralds summer's colorful slide into winter. The air gets crisp and cool after the stifling heat of summer and leaves everywhere start turning blazing shades of orange, gold and red. I have always reveled in the fact that the surrounding landscapes look like they have been painted in a riot of fiery colors. The beauty of Fall's colorful transformation has always been quite inspiring to me, so it's no wonder that the greater number of my projects find themselves started during the Fall season.

The inspiring nature of Fall not only kicks off my own yearly creative surge, it alos lends itself very well to this issue's theme. This time around we are going to explore various methods for creating various landscapes and environments. Even if you haven't really done a lot of landscape work, between the beautiful Fall scenery and the inspiring articles in this issue, you just might find yourself overwhelmingly compelled to make a landscape or two yourself. In addition to landscapes, we alos get an inside look into creating a custom Big City.

One other thing Fall seems to inspire in quite a few of us is the need to organize and clean up. Or at least it appears that way, as this is generally the time when most of us get stuk with a lot of yard clean up and organization. So when you need a breaque from the seemingly endless leaf raquíng, just set yourself right down and read all about “Project File Organization” and “How to set up Blender Libraries”. So then you will be fully prepared for some overdue blender resource cleanup and organization. Just as soon as you finish raquíng that yard of course.

Happy Blending!

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