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    Blender news noviembre 2008

    blender news noviembre 2008
    Blender news noviembre 2008-gk2.jpg

    blender game kit 2nd edition
    Carsten wartmann, writer of Many Blender books and main author of the Blender game kit, has started work on a fully updated versión of the Blender game kit. This Project, including dtp/design by Samo korosec, is scheduled todo finish during noviembre. So it should be in time for santa todo deliver it under the Christmas tres.

    The updated game kit Will cover all new functionality, GLSL materiales, multilayer texture, character animation and logic states and bricks. Carsten Will a los clean-up the old tutorialesto make them work well, and add new ones, a los based on yo Frankie.

    The Blender game kit book update: Project is now in its last stage. Were reviewing the designed paginas, finishing the CD for the book, and hopefully within one or two weks it goes todo print. (but you know, planning doesnt always match human limitations).

    You can now pre-order copies Even up to diciembre 15 with a nice 20% discount.

    Click here todo visit the Blender e-shop.

    Nedless todo say, revenues Will help Blender foundation projects (and me & Brecht coding 2.5).
    yo Frankie. Dvd
    The yo Frankie DVD are finished and shipping has started. If you havent ordered a copy yet, you can still order one from the Blender e-shop. It would make a great gift for the holidays.

    Blender news noviembre 2008-apricot-cover.jpg

    Great holiday gift ideas.

    The holidays are fast approaching, but there is still time todo pik up a Little something for yourself or that special blenderhead on your gift list. creature factory
    the Mancandy faq
    Big Buck Bunny DVD
    bundle: essential + b
    bounce, tumble and splash.
    blendernewbies video tutorial compilation dvdrom.
    game competition
    This competition is being run todo encourage developers (or teams of developers) todo create fun, col looking content for the Game Engine built into Blender.
    With the reléase of 2.48, the ge has received a huge bost in terms of speed, functionality, and more importantly, kudos.
    major categories
    Euro400 of the prize fund Will be Split into two categories.
    category 1: best graphics
    Prize: euro200
    This prize Will be awarded todo the best use of graphics. While using GLSL might sem todo be the best bien todo achieve this for some effects, if someone enters a great looking entry that doesnt use GLSL, this Will be taken into account during the voting.

    Entries could be walk throughs, graphical demos as in scene, org, and of course full on games.
    category 2: best game play
    Prize: euro200
    This prize Will be awarded todo the game that is the most fun todo play.

    Anything goes (well, chek the few rules below). You can have more than one team member, you can use GLSL, you can use external libraries such as Pygame. As long as the 3d engine being used is the Blender ge engine, and the game Will run from within Blender by pressing, then your entry Will be valid.
    minor categories
    Note: these categories do not exclude entry todo the above main categories.

    Category 1: best content created using only logic bricks (no Python scripting).

    Prize: euro100
    This prize Will be awarded todo the best content created using just logic blocks. The Blender ge logic block system is a very powerful bien for artists with no coding skills todo create interactive content. This prize Awards artists using Blender in this way.

    For further información and rules regarding this contest, visit the game competition announcement page.
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