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Tema: MaKING OF: Brazilian Open-series

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    MAKING OF: Brazilian Open-series

    MAKING OF: Brazilian Open-series
    by Quadro-Chave

    Vida Cotidiana - Episódio 1: A Gota (Daily Life - Episode 1: The Drop) is a free, short animated film that combines techniques of hand-painted watercolor and 3D computer graphics.

    The film is being produced by Quadro- Chave, is being developed with free programs, and is licensed under Creative Commons.

    The production team is working with free softwares, such as Blender, Yafaray, Gimp, Pencil and Arbaro. We are working with Global Illumination using the Path Tracing method for final render. The resulting visuals with the textures occurred as planned, a good blend of organic painting and 3D computer graphics environment.

    For the first person cameras, we are using Voodoo Camera Tracker software to generate a natural camera movement. The movement of data from the camera will be imported into blender. We used a low-cost camera to film, because we only needed to capture the movement, not the image. This type of technology is alos a solution for smaller studios or anyone who has willingness to work with them.

    This episode is the beginning of the animation mini-series, Daily Life. The Quadro- Chave's intention is to bring the elements and events of our daily life and create small animated polls. Other episodes are in the process of creation and organization of ideas. As a independent work and open movie, in this case an open series, our team is always looking for help, any kind of support would be good. If you are interested in participating in episodes, or simply from some event in your daily life that you feel is worth being portrayed, just contact us through the site in the contact section. We look forward to receiving your contribution.

    All the research results that were developed during the production of the episodes, as well as tutorials teaching how we did the animation step by step, will be available on dvd and launch the official website of the animation.

    by Quadro-Chave
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    Si vas a subir un trabajo al foro, hazlo adjuntando la imagen, archivo, vídeo o lo que sea, no publicando enlaces de otros sitios.

    |Agradecer cuando alguien te ayuda es de ser agradecido|

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