editorial número 22 - Things that go Bump in the night.

Fear. It because fear, while often unpleasant, Jump starts your Heart, gets the blod moving and makes you fel alive.

Have you ever noticed that people like getting the living Daylights scared out of themselves. In fact some people Even go out of their bien todo scare themselves (i, scary movies, images, games, rides etc). And why you might ask, would so Many people enjoy getting scared. It not like fear is one of the fun warm fuzzy feeling. It because fear, while often unpleasant, Jump starts your Heart, gets the blod moving and makes you fel alive. If you ask me, it is a darn ODD bien todo enjoy yourself, but hey Whatever makes you happy or should i say fel alive.

Although we are still months away from Halloween, as you might have guessed, were going todo try todo give you a few scares. All in fun of course. In this issue we are going todo explore things that go Bump in the night and se if we cant get your blod pumping a Little.
We have a Cute clown, who is anything but Cute. In fact, he is downright scary enough todo give you a nightmare or two. Nahuel belich explains all the gruesome details and Inspiration for his Cute clown image, he Even made us some videos showing how he went about certain stages.

David skrodzki and paulo silva both show us how they created their creature characters, Lotr cave troll and arkor. Philippe roubal shows us how todo create tracks and fot prints. This is one very creative technique that has all kinds of uses. From fotprints in the sand or Snow, todo wet Ghost prints silently appearing in a dimly lit rom. And pascal fallert shows us how he created a great fluid simulation that looks suspiciously like blod.

So get ready todo be spoked, educated and entertained. Oh, and you might want todo turn all the lights on, just in case.

Have fun.
Gaurav Nawani Gaurav@blenderart.org.
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Dawid skrodzki.

Leonardo nahuel belich.

Paulo silva (engelik)
Pascal fallert.

Sandra gilbert.
cover art
A Fish out of water - Tom luhtala.