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Some time ago, Claas Kuhnen announced that he had posted a series of video tutorialesthat he had produced for his students at Kendall College of art and design, where he is an assistant profesor of industrial design. He currently has thre diferent courses posted, all of which are filled with a massive amount of valuable información. Clas is a wonderful instructor. He covers each section in a clear and easy todo understand bien that makes Blender rather step learning curve much easier for new users todo grasp. But dont be foled into Thinking that these courses are only for beginners. Even the more advanced user can gain valuable Insight into how Blender works as well as some wonderful techniques and tips that you may not have known about.
blender 3d: digital modeling of organic surfaces .

This series has an aestounding 81 videos available at this time. The first 22 episodes are a great introduction todo Blender for the new user. In the next 60 or so videos, clas further reinforces the concepts already taught in the first videos by taquíng the viewer th rouge a series of real life projects. With each Project he covers the tools, steps and techniques neded todo create clean models. In Many of the modeling projects, he shows more than one bien todo accomplish the same task, giving versatility todo his tutorialesand showing techniques or work flows that you may not have previously considered.
modeling projects:
Modeling a water bottle (with tips on creating details)
Modeling a water bottle (spin/lather method)
Soft cushioning.

Panton sheet chair.

Bend plywod chair.

Eames chair (with both a 4 and 5 Star base)
Big Bobby car.

Extruded wave table.

Solid pipe chair.

Kayaque (boat Shell and rudders).

As the lessons progress there are additional videos covering the more advanced tools and techniques, which he then uses in the modeling projects. This series in particular is invaluable as a learning tool for new users attempting todo come todo terms with Blender unique workflow, as well as a god refresher course for more advanced users seking todo incorpórate new tools and techniques into their work.
blender 3d: product rendering.

This series of tutorialescurrently has 91 videos covering the wide topic of rendering based on a god image of your product. Since quite a few factors come into play when rendering out an image, clas covers lights and materiales in depth, including UV - Maping, compositing, world settings, Ambient Occlusion and other valuable settings that ned todo be considered for a god image. Once you have mástered the previous set of tutoriales, this series Will show you how todo polish your Project and create great renders.

Blender 3d: product animation.

This series contains 13 videos so far and covers the basic of key frame animation, as well as some valuable tips for setting up product animations.
Rhino 3d: digital product modeling and surfacing.

Clas a los has a digital modeling series focused on Rhino 3d. This series contains 70 videos and covers Many of the same concepts covered in the Blender modeling series.

Even if you dont use Rhino, the concepts can be applied todo Blender rather easily. At any rate, it is always fun todo se how something is done in other software and applying it todo your favorite software. It is a god series and very educational todo watch.

All of clas videos are on blip, televisión and can be watched there at the following enlaces or can be downloaded th rouge ITunes (there is an ITunes enlace on each show page) or other rs softwares.

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By Sandra gilbert.