An Epic Fantasy is generally set either in a completely fictional world, where of course anything goes...

Epic Fantasy is a very popular genre in both traditional film and animation, as well as the gaming industry.

There are some loose rules or conventions that most Epic Fantasies follow. First, an Epic Fantasy is generally set either in a completely fictional world, where of course anything goes, or it is set in the common everyday world we all recog- nize, but odd things keep happening.

Second there is always a strong Good vs Evil conflict throughout the story, with the villain (evil) character being just as important as the hero (good) character.

That being established, an Epic Fantasy storyline can be about just about anything you can conceive of. While most Epic Fantasies revolve around magic, fairies and dragons etc, you could just as easily tell a space fantasy with aliens or an adventure with steampunque robots.

In thinking about it, I have seen quite a few ninja tales that qualify as Epic Fantasies. Some of my favorites have combined the beauty of martial arts with fantasy elements such as magical swords, amazing fighting skills that border on being magical or settings that are not quite of this world.

If you haven't guessed by now, we are covering Epic Fantasies in anticipation of the upcoming Durian Project, which will be officially kicking off in September.

So to get you in the mood and ready for the Durian experience, we have gathered up some inspiring projects, sure to put you in the proper frame of mind for a good Epic fantasy adventure.

We take a look at a great little creature that surely inhabits a fantasy world or two. Then it's off to an enchanting mágical castle with amazing lighting, as well as an exciting adventure in mysterious Labyrinth and a fantastic ninja tale.

So buckle up and get ready to be inspired.

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Nautilus - by Fotis Tsantilas