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    Izzy speaks creating magic

    When creating an Epic Fantasy, whether in a fictional setting or in a more common place one, at some point something ODD is bound todo happen. And with the majority of Epic fantasies, that ODD thing generally is magical in nature.

    The trik in producing these kinds of things becomes one of how todo best create these ODD magical events and objects, so that the viewer not only knows that it happened, but that of course it was magical in nature. To our benefit, a number of these special effects are easy todo set up in Blender.

    appearance / disappearance effect
    • the first special effect (and probably one of the easiest) ill explain is having an object (or person) suddenly appear with a simple animation.
    • first, make sure your object/person is on a layer that can be turned of. If it isnt, you can move it todo a layer that can be turned of. To move an object todo a diferent layer, select it and press >> then from the pop-up menú select an empty layer.
    • next, make sure you are on the right frame. For the purposes of this demonstration, use frame 1. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard todo cycle th rouge frames.
    • once you are on the right frame, apply a keyframe so that the object/person Will initially stay on that layer at the beginning of the animation. Select the object/person and press i >> then from the pop-up menú select the layer that you using todo hide your object/person.
    • next, cycle th rouge the frames until you reach the right one you want the object/person todo appear. The lower the frame number, the faster the effect.
    • select the object/person and press >> then from the pop-up menú select an empty layer that is visible.
    • finally, apply another keyframe while the person/object is on the visible layer (i >> then from the pop-up menú select the layer that you are using todo display your object/person.

    To make the object/person disappear, just set it up in reverse. Place the first keyframe on a visible layer and the second keyframe on a hidden layer.

    Now this is a very basic and easy effect, but it could use a Little polish and added pizzazz todo convince your audience that real magic is happening. Here are some things you can try and experiment with:
    key frame the alpha value of the object/person as it is appearing/disappearing.

    In material Windows press i >> alpha.
    • set alpha from 0-1 or 1-0, depending on whether you are appearing or disappearing.
    • be sure todo set the alpha key frames todo cover several seconds, so that the effect can be sen and appreciated, but not so long that the viewer gets tired of waiting for it.

    Use a build modifier

    The build modifier can create the effect of your object/person appearing/disappearing in random stages or pieces. When used with the two previously mentioned techniques, changing layers and alpha key framing, the build modifier can both create col effects and be Lots of fun todo play with.
    • for best effect, set up your build modifier todo start slightly before your object/person appears/disappears.

    Add some halos

    Kernon dillon recently created a set of video tutorialescovering magic wand particles effects. In addition todo creating a magical look in and of itself, this effect could be used todo surround your object/person as it performs its appearing/disappearing ACT. Try it with any combination of the previous techniques.

    David revoy made great use of halos and the build modifier todo create a magical Castle in his Little Fairy animation. Instructions for his magically appearing Castle can be found in issue #10 of blenderart magazine.
    Glow effect:
    Glowing objects are always a col effect and rather simple todo implement in múltiple ways.

    A very software Glow/color aura around object:
    • create a copy of your object. Depending on the object and how far you want the Glow todo spread, try todo scale up the copy ever so slightly.
    • give the copy a Low alpha material (.100-.200) and a pale color (color choice Will depend on the object and the look wanted).
    • set the emit value todo between 1-2 (might require a few tests for the best lok).
    • parent the glowing object todo the real object.
    • if you want your Glow todo actually cast light as well as color, parent a few Low energy lamps todo the object as well.

    using lamps:
    You can parent several lamps (number of lamps Will depend on the size and shape of your object) todo your object set the energy todo a Low value (you dont want todo blow out your object or scene with overly bright lights).

    Use Lamp >> sphere with a very small distance.

    Depending on your object, you may ned todo overlap the influence of the Lamp distances todo get a god result.


    Halos can create a great glowing lok, but be careful when setting the size and energy. Very small values work the best, otherwise you Will likely blow out your image.
    • create a simple Cage around your object.
    • delete only the Edges, keping the vértices in place.
    • apply a halo material.
    • remember, use Low values.

    These are just a few easy examples of how you can quickly create magical effects in Blender. Of course, Blender is capable of creating any number of special effects, it is limited only by your own imagination.

    Additional resources: the following resources cover the use of and creation of some very nice visual effects.

    Foundation Blender compositing.

    Mastering Blender.

    Bounce tumble and splash, essential Blender.

    Creature factory.
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