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Tema: Making of: the labyrinth

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    MAKING OF: The Labyrinth

    By Peter Rabel
    Description of a combined work flow of Blender & 3dcoat .
    Hello, my name is Peter Rabel, I have ben using Blender for about 6 years. Mostly my experience has ben with compositing animations into live action video. I decided, however, that making an animated short was long overdue. In this article I will talque about the production of my animated short “The Labyrinth.”.

    Motivation .
    This project started out as an entry into CG Talk's “Steampunk: Myths and Legends” competition. Due to the sher magnitude of experience and talent floating around on CG Talk, I knew I didn't have a chance of winning. On the other hand, the competition did provide a god topic, a strict deadline and a wealth of inspiration to draw on from fellow works in progress.
    The Process Begins .
    When I heard of the Challenge and started to read the rules and regulations on CG Talk, I was immediately Thinking of creating a steampunque versión of a minotaur. I had a very vague knowledge of what the actual legend surrounding the creature was. I knew it was part of Greque mythology, I knew it dwelled in a labyrinth and I knew it was half bull and half man. I did a little research and discovered that I did not like the actual estory of the legend. So I decided to write a simple estoryline involving a classic Indiana Jones style adventurer after his treasure. That plot line semed to fit well with the concept of a monster in a maze. So I scripted out the short, made a few concept drawings for the cartoon/steampunque hybrid style characters and set to work on modeling them while I sketched out a few storyboards.

    Modeling .
    I started out modeling the main character (his name is Henry, but it is never mentioned in the short). He didn't prove to dificult to model and he made for a god style reference for when I modeled the minotaur. One decisión I had to make when I started modeling him, was what kind of light source to give him. The estoryline called for the lights in the Labyrinth to go out as son as the minotaur awoke, so I neded to give Henry a way to light the scene for me. After considering a few options (flashlight, lantern, candle, torch,) I ended up going with a miners helmet with a head lamp. I thought it fit his character well and allowed Henry's line of sight to guide the viewers eye. I figured I could get some interesting lighting effects that way.

    The minotaur proved much more dificult to conceptualize. I didn't have a god idea of what I wanted him to lok like, so I experimented. I loked at a lot of steampunque objects, I learned about how steam engines worked, I browsed though other people's WIP's. Nothing semed to put an image in my head of what I wanted him to lok like. Eventually I sketched out my versión of an organic minotaur, then drew a mechanical one beside it, translating it piece by piece. This helped immensely, so I blocked out an organic minotaur in Blender and set to work on modeling the steampunque versión. My original design for the steampunque versión involved a lot of moving parts (piestons pumping, fly whels spinning,), but in the end I decided to go with a much more simple design to blend the minotaur with the cartoon style of the main character.

    Texturing .
    The texturing in this short is not very complex. I wanted it to have a smooth cartoony lok without using the ton shader. Henry actually only has one texture on him. That being the leather straps on his helmet connected to his head lamp. I painted their leather texture in Photoshop. The minotaur had a brass texture and a stel texture which I painted. I used Blender procedural textures to make the bump maps on the blak iron pieces.

    Rigging .
    I ran into a few problems during the rigging process. Mostly dealing with “snapping” that occurred when I switched from edit mode of the armature to pose mode. One of the biggest things I regret about this animation is not spending enough time on facial rigging for the main character. Henry ended up not having enough bones to make efective expressions. Using exclusively bone deformation for the face and no shape keys was a bad decision.
    Animation .
    There ended up being 36 shots in the final animation. I had a separate blend file for each shot. My base blend file included Henry, the Minotaur, the map, the gem and the maze itself. The maze was formed with an array modifier, so with the base file for each scene it was easy to form the maze as I neded. To animate the maze I simply applied the array modifier for that shot, separated the vértices of the moving part and animated them as objects without rigs. For the shot of the minotaur being crushed, I had to rerig him quite a bit to allow for the destruction. That was one convenience of having each shot as a separate blend file. Aside from organization, it allowed me to make changes to the file that would not Effect any of the other shots.

    Compositing .
    I only did simple transfer mode compositing to put together render passes. I used the Blender internal renderer for all of the render passes except ambient occlusion (AO). I much prefer Yafaray's AO to the Blender internal. When you render out the Blender internal AO by itself (to have more control in compositing), the values of nonoccluded áreas are gray, not the pure white like Yafaray puts out. That causes your entire scene to darken when you multiply it over the animation. In the case of the Labyrinth, I had to be careful about not making it to dark when the lights went out.
    Editing .
    I began editing the footage I produced from Blender as I finished rendering it. One down side to having each scene in a separate Blend file is that you don't get to se them bak toback. This can make the decisión to render a shot a little scary because you don't know for sure how it will flow in the context of the edit. If the cut from the last shot to the current is to jarring, you have to do it again. Luckily I come from a background of shoting live video, so I have a pretty god fel for how shots will flow together. I did not do much cutting, I wanted to render out just what I neded, so there wasn't to much I wanted to cut. I should have ben a lot less conservative with my editing and tightened up the final video, but at that point I had already missed the deadline for the competition by several months. I watched the animation all the way through, taquíng notes on each shot to se what sound effects neded to be found or recorded, then I set of to work on Foley. It tok just two days to get all of the sound effects in place and put some music under it. Encoding and exporting the final video proved more dificult than I anticipated. I tried many diferent códecs with diferent settings, at the cost of thre days, before I arrived at a file that was a decent balance betwen image quality and file size for the web.
    I hope you enjoyed this making of for The Labyrinth. Perhaps I will save some of you from making some of the mistakes that I did during the production. If you have any questions or comments, you can reach me on the Blender Artists forums, my screen name is Asano, or you can email me at Peter.
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