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Tema: Release of “foundation blender compositing”

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    Release of “foundation blender compositing”

    Release of “foundation blender compositing”-foundation-blender-compositing.jpg
    Do you want todo take some video taken with your Camera, integrate some blendermade CG objects, add some special effects, and upload todo youtube? Oh waityou ned todo add your sound track. Wouldnt it be col todo dub in some foley sound Effects? How about going into Slow Motion and increasing the contrast during that fight scene? Of course we ned todo add a title, make some nice transicións from shot todo shot, and the list goes on. If youve found yourself wanting todo do this, but not sure how, ive written the book for you, called foundation Blender compositing, published by apress under their friends of ed nameplate, available th rouge online retailers and bokestores (if they dont have it yet, por favor ask them and they Will order it for you).
    My decisión todo write the book started over two years ago, when Tony published his very excellent introduction todo character animation with Blender. I was inspired by what i saw in that book, namely how a talented author could take one aspect of Blender, dive into it, and fully explore the features, options, and work flow techniques for that one área, and that it tok 500 pages or so todo really do an adequate job. Previously, y rewrote the Sequencer section of the wiki, and when nodes were added todo Blender, wrote up all the compositing nodes. While there were several other Blender books on modeling and animation, there werent any on the bak end, specifically compositing and postproduction, or postproducción. In the meantime, y completed a few consulting gigs doing postproduction.
    So, based on my knowledge gained th rouge all of that, y thought that a book on compositing would round out the Blender library. With that thought in mind, y developed an outline and went looking for a Publisher. I didnt have much luck.
    The idea languished for about six months until Michelle lowman, an open source advocate and Blender fan, who worked for apress, convinced the apress staff that apress should have a Blender book, especially since Sybex and other publicadores had theirs. She obtained approval and approached the Blender foundation for recommendations. Since ton knew of my work on the wiki and being a certified trainer, he recommended me, and, as they say, the rest is history.
    Well, not quite. Writing a book is a lot harder than it sems. First, that 2 page outline becomes 10 paginas, and then you realice that that each line in that outline, each topic, neds todo become about 4 pages of written material and one page of screenshots/ pictures. You realice then, that you either dont know enough todo write five pages on, say, matchmoving a mask, or you write what you know, and it turns out todo be a few paragraphs. About that time you realice just how Little you know, and so, you have todo do research and either really fully explain matchmoving, or find other topics todo write about.
    I did lots of research, reading what other people have written in their books for Maya, or max or just general theory. After taquíng copious notes, y then had todo apply those concepts todo Blender, chatting with other blenderheads, reading blendermag and blenderartists, and watching video tutorialesuntil, finally, at some point, y could write enough, in clear enough language, with examples, todo really fel that i had covered a topic. Then the challenge became creating a god example, or miniproject, that the Reader could follow all the bien th rouge the book, from beginning todo end.
    Did i mention a deadline? Yes, when you write a book, they say, ok Roger, there are 14 chapters, we want todo publish this book this summer. In addition todo writing, you ned todo come up with artwork, example files, oh and by the way, there are thre review Cycles and two Publishing Cycles. You write it, Michelle comentarios on it, Roland reviews it, and then you go around again, and again, if necessary, until its perfecto. We then lay it out and you review that, and then we send you pdf for you todo review and approve. that means you básically get one wek todo write the 30 page chapter. Nedless todo say, some of my chapters started out as really rouge drafts. I ended up, on average, working about 60 hours a wek on the book initial drafts, for at least the first two rounds of editorial reviews.
    Roland was very kind in his comentarios – thank you Roland. But he was a los very sticky, making sure that what i said, or assumed, was actually true. At times he drove me Nuts because he was always right, and challenged me todo do better, Even when i was behind on my deadlines. Finally, at the very end, exhausted, y have a topnotch product that i am very proud of producing in my very lifetime. The DVD has gigabytes of assets that you can use, and toons of example files. It is full color (very expensive todo print) so it is very enjoyable todo read. I tried todo use examples from orange and Peach, as well as some blenderartists, as well as my own work, todo give a blend of styles and a range of material.
    I would a los like todo add that my first book that i read todo learn Blender was carsten wartmann world book, which i still have and reference. The text and examples in that fullcolor book were clear and the imagery was beautiful. It is still an Inspiration todo me both in the bien the organization was portrayed, and in the quality of the results shown.
    So, y want todo thank everyone who helped me, either by loaning me assets directly, or previous authors who have written on some compositing topic that allowed me todo adapt those concepts todo Blender, enabling all of my readers todo become experts in compositing. Thank you for your support.
    Sincerely, Roger wickes you can can get your copy of foundation Blender compositing by Roger wickes at Amazon and other fine book estores.
    Si vas a subir un trabajo al foro, hazlo adjuntando la imagen, archivo, vídeo o lo que sea, no publicando enlaces de otros sitios.

    |Agradecer cuando alguien te ayuda es de ser agradecido|

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    Release of “foundation blender compositing”

    Hola. Me he pillado el libro, me llegó ayer, ya os comentaré que tal esta. De momento he lo he mirado un poco por encima y parece muy interesante.

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    Release of “foundation blender compositing”

    Aquí lo comenté, así que, lo enlazo.
    Y una review.
    No olvides comentar cuando lo leas.
    El último que compré fue Mastering Blender y, aunque sale algo de composición, este parece más completo.
    "Trate la historia como si todo el proyecto dependiera de ella porque,probablemente,así sea" (Mark Adams)

    Corolario: "La cafeína es tu amiga"

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