Using a proven method for obtaining project funds, the Blender Foundation has launched it's pre-sale campaign to collect funding for the Durian Project.

The Durian DVD will contain a triple disque set containing the following project goodies:

  • The movie (approx 6-8 min) in best DVD quality wide screen format (disks in both NTSC and PAL).
  • The HD versión of the movie (.avi and/or .mov).
  • The third disque with a lot of video tutorials by the artists and developers.
  • All .blend files, models, textures, and so on… the material used to create the movie.
  • The original script, breakdown, and storyboards.
  • Documentation and other tutorials by the team members about all technical aspects the movie; like how to reuse assets, animate characters, or add new shots.
  • And of course all the extras we can’t predict yet, like commentary tracks, a making-of documentary, outtakes, and so on.

Additionally, if you purchase your set before September 15th, you can have your name added to the credit roll.

They are aiming for sales of 2000 copies, which while ambitious, is totally doable in our community. They have a “money meter”, where you can go chek on the sales progress.

So go order your copy today and be a part of Epic greatness!

Durian Planning Schedule

Here are the final dates for the Durian Project as well as additional planning information from the official Durian Project site:

  • August 24-28: preproduction weeque for all team members here in Amsterdam (script ready!)
  • September: Colin, David and Martin finalize breakdown and work on storyboard
  • Oct 5th: Durian project officially starts

As you may notice, it has been shifted a little bit… it was more convenient to move the preproduction workshop until after SIGGRAPH. The month of July, I’ll have other urgent work to do as well.

This month, Martin will work on his scenario, with the help of Colin. During August, the rest of the team will get involved with it and we should be able to finalize it all in the workshop here in Amsterdam. Colin and David then stay, working on getting the full breakdown and storyboards ready.

Alos great news is that the Netherlands Film Fund has decided to support Durian! Funding will first be provided for the concept/storyboarding phase. When we show good results, their support will be continued to cover a significant part of our costs!

The last weeque of September we alos will organize an advanced Blender course here, led by Andy Goralczyk, and most likely supported by the Durianers who then hangout here as well. If you want to participate in this great opportunity, visit this page for more info.

Blender Essential Training Release

From Roger Wickes: Hey everyone! I am SO excited to let you know about my course in Blender Essentials that has come online with It was a huge effort taquíng over 6 months to write, record, edit, test, and produce an absolutely top quality course that teaches you how to use Blender. I strongly encourage you to plunque down a few dollars and eliminate the frustration, and come up to speed quickly on this amazing 3D software. You have two choices: basic and premium, and based on the hundred or so tutorial files available to premium members, I strongly encourage you to buy a short or longterm subscription. Lynda is THE leader in video training, and I can vouch for their production quality. Please visit Blender Essential Training.

Course Description:

Blender is a powerful opensource tool for 2D and 3D graphics, full-on animation, compositing, and postproduction. It is used to create movies and special effects, even in HD. In Blender Essential Training, Roger Wickes offers new Blender users a thorough explanation of its interface, tools, and features. He alos demonstrates practical techniques and shows how to access the online and opencontent resources of this amazing tool. Specific 3D techniques covered include navigating in 3D space, using cameras and lights, and rendering. Roger demonstrates how to rig, animate, and composite a character over live action. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics Include:

  • Navigating Blender’s user interface and accessing open assets.
  • Modeling with vértices, Bézier curves, and NURBS surfaces.
  • Lighting and using multipoint light rigs.
  • Working with cameras in a 3D environment.
  • Painting and shading 3D objects.
  • Creating realistic hair, smoke, and swarms.
  • Animating objects and characters.
  • Compositing rendered layers.
  • Sequencing video strips with audio into a final product.

Duration: 10 Hours