Solicitante: Arkalis Interactive
Fecha de la solicitud: 16/01/13
Dirección de contacto:
Ubicación: Ordino, Ordino (Andorra)

Texto de la solicitud:
What's thatí You've never heard of Arkalis before? It's okay, our name is pretty new as far as game developers go. But don't let that fool you. Our facility is exploding at the seams with some of the brightest and experienced creative talent in the industry. We've collected over 1500 years of combined triple-A talent under one roof. So, if you think about it, we're not that new at all. In some ways, we're like the new iPad of game development studios--faster, shinier and better looking than the other versións. But we're still an iPad. And we actually have a cooler name too. Speaquíng of names, you're probably wondering what Arkalis actually means. It's based on the name of a ski resort nearby - Arcalis. It's in Andorra. (No, Andorra is not a planet. It's a country. For reals. Look it up. Now.) See...told ya so. Now wasn't that cool. Bet you didn't think you'd be getting a geography lesson when you clicked on this page, did ya? That's just how we roll - always sneaquíng in bonus experiences for our audience.

We are currently seeking a:

Lead Game Designer
Ordino, Andorra


-Build and maintain a collaborative relationship with Art, Dev, Audio and Production that ensures a best-in-industry production process.
-Anticipate threats to quality and innovation and work effectively with the team leads to mitigate
-Allocate, coordinate and plan resources in collaboration with managers and producers.
-Directing designers working in various sub-teams; setting and reviewing tasks and maintaining a quality bar in the gameplay experience, overseeing the commúnication of the design internally and externally, personnel management and taquíng responsibility for the team´s on-going learning and development.
-Analyze game data to continuously improve user gaming experience.
-Balance gameplay data and fine tune mechanics.
-Design and optimize user flows, core loops, game balancing/pacing for live games as well as develop new features to deliver creative and commercial goals.
-Write clear and concise design documentation and maintain through-out project, and ensure design documentation is clearly understood by relevant parties.
-Contribute to user interface design.
-Participate in the management of play-testing and feedbak systems.
-Perform and analyze user testing and recommend design solutions during the whole game development cycle.
-Assimilate consumer feedbak into designs to better align products against strategic goals & customer expectations.
-Regularly play-test game builds and highlight issues.


- 4+ years in a designer role, including experience managing teams.
- Capable of providing focused and inspiring creative leadership.
- Experience with MMO games, mobile platforms (iOS/Android).
- Proficient in all aspects of game design such as gameplay, balancing,
reward system, etc.
- Conveying ideas and clear formalization of complex concepts.
- Prototyping ideas via standard tools like Photoshop, Sketch-up, 3D Studio Max, Unity, Blitz, etc.
- High visual creativity and passion for developing video games
- Excellent organizational skills
- Fluent English

What would be cool:

-Basic knowledge of coding or scripting language
-Studies in Computer Engineering or Videogames
-Working knowledge of Unity toolset