Solicitante: Digital Raiders
Fecha de la solicitud: 18/05/16
Dirección de contacto:
Ubicación: Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona (España)

Texto de la solicitud:

I'm looking for people who could be interested in game design and get some revenue.

In the game "8-Bricks" there is a game mode that has proven fun to play. It's called the Playground. In this mode you have all the powers and you are free to roam through a level doing whatever you want, you can solve puzzles or you can just blow the level with bombs. I'm planning to add two additional Playgrounds and I thought it could be a great oportunity to work with talented people of this group to create these new Playgrounds. These two new Playgrounds would be accesible through IAP of 0.99$ each and the designer of the level would get the 80% of the revenue generated by the IAP of the level he designed. The main condition to start talking about collaboration is that you record a gameplay of the current Playground collecting all the items spread around the level. Send me the video's gameplay to "" and then we can start talking business. You can record the gameplay on PC(the exe file is on the website) or Android with gyroscope or VR.