Solicitante: Digital Raiders
Fecha de la solicitud: 18/05/16
Dirección de contacto:
Ubicación: Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona (España).

Texto de la solicitud: Hola.

Im looking for people who could be interested in game design and get some revenue.

In the game 8-Bricks there is a game mode that has proven fun to play. Its called the Playground. In this mode you have all the powers and you are free to roam th rouge a level doing whatever you want, you can solve puzzles or you can just blow the level with bombs. Im planning to add two additional Playgrounds and I thought it could be a great oportunity to work with talented people of this group to create these new Playgrounds. These two new Playgrounds would be accesible th rouge IAP of 0.99$ each and the designer of the level would get the 80% of the revenue generated by the IAP of the level he designed. The main condition to start talking about collaboration is that you récord a gameplay of the current Playground collecting all the ítems spread around the level. Send me the videos gameplay to info@digitalraiders, com and then we can start talking business. You can récord the gameplay on PC(the exe file is on the website) or Android with gyroscope or VR.