He recibido en el correo esta oferta de ayuda, pero como sabéis mis ganas de animar algo no están en su mejor momento je,je,je,je así que os dejo el mensaje por si a alguien le interesa el trabajito. es gratuito, aviso.


My name is Rasmus Tirzitis. I'm the director of my new film Threads of Destiny. We have finished production and I am now looking for talanted people who can help in the post-production. We are looking animators who can work at a high level in Cinema 4d, 3dmax, or whatever software the artist prefere to use. Everyone who participate in the making of Threads of Destiny, will be credited and recive a copy of the film when it's finished.

This is a non-paying gig but a great chance to have your work seen by a very large audience, plus it can give you experience and be a challenge as well as fun. This is a great way to be involved in a team that accomplishes tasks and provide you with a way to build up a demo reel, experience and your resume, As well as having many people see your work.
Thinque you are intrested?

Offical website:


If you have any questions let me know. I can provide further details
for the project.

I hope to hear from you soon.