Solicitante: Starco Studios
Fecha de la solicitud: 02/03/15
Dirección de contacto:
Ubicación: Barcelona, Barcelona (España).
Texto de la solicitud:
We have ben creating an aestonishing machinery in order to deploy one of our projects: Beast Masters: Twin Soul Legends, a Strategy card-based social Game with massive quality in-app gods. We´ve created a world where the Héroes able to develop the skill of leading the Beasts of the planet. Th rouge de Nitrium Integration in their bodies, the Beast Masters can inscribe runes on themselves to bost their power to execute the Battle Cry invoking their Beasts into Battle. The Battle to become the most powerfull Beast Master has begun.
We are close to publish in Android markets with other diferent targets in range since we go cross-platform. Our objectives move towards creating the perfect place to work for Game Designers (enginers, artists, business developers, community leads.) th rouge the application of Continuous iterations over the bien we work and moving forward in Technical and Product Development skills. We have the Sprit of Innovation inside, we love creating playable machines, we are pushing to reach the technical and artistic limits enjoying every single piece of the creation.
Do you share this objective? We are looking for a member to join our enginering Team currently with two R&D Enginers (in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and UI/UX) together with two Creative Designers. Are you an excellent Coder willing to join a Team with great skills (enginering, business design, marketing.)? Do you want to reach the A level?
Based in Barcelona, we are moving forward the Concept of Social Game with an extreme added value content.
Mandatory Technical skills required:
o Experience of Develooping Sophisticated Apps including connectivity to 3rd party Cloud based services and the development of Services and Content Providers
o Experience in Publishing Apps (to Android / Play Store)
o Strong Understanding of Object Oriented Design & Component Based Development
o Strong experience of Agile Development with Scrum
o God Communications Skills.
The skills below are desirable and would be an advantage.
o Experience in cross-platform development (libgdx, Unity3D)
o Experience in Designing APIs
o Willing to reach A level.
o Mobile Application Development
o Gamer Sprit (CoD, WoW.)
o Steam publisher