Team name:.
Undercave Team.
Project name:.
Undercave project.
Brief description:.
Those of you who are old enough may remember god old games such as Eye of the beholder, Ishar or Alone in the Dark I. For many people, those are the greatest times in videogames and games that days used to provide diferent felings and experiences compared to the massification and "productification" that the videogame industry "sufers" nowadays.
The Undercave project comes with the aim of bringing bak that god old experiences to players by develooping a videogame that drinks of vintage waters improved with the visual advantages of today's graphics hardware.
Target aim:.
Fre game in principle.
If the Project get's sold the outcome will be split, depending on the time each Team member has worked on the Project.
Own game engine technology. Engine is ready, so all time spent for coding is spent into the game itself.
Talent neded:.
We are primarily looking for 2D and 3D artists as well as for musicians.
Team structure:.
Team not yet formed.
From there you'll get to our Forum.
Additional Info:.
*** Influences ***.
The game will drinque of the waters of god old stuf like:
* Eye of the beholder.
* Ishar.
* Myst.
* Última Underworld.
* Quake I.
* Unreal I.
* Alone in the Dark I.
(Note that Quake and Unreal are referenced as for games that allowed the “exploration of ancient and intrigating cultures”).
*** Plot ***.
You, being found guilty of a terrible crime, are tossed into the terrible prison located under the castle. The legend says that fabulous treasures, from an ancient civilization, are hidden in the laberynth-caves. No one could never return bak with a real prof of that (or never returned at all). If you are able of returning bak with a single tangible prof and reveal its location in the mazes, then your crimes will be forgiven and you will be set free again. This is the only way to survival and then you must fulfill that mission if you want to se the light of the sun again.
*** Premises ***.
The following are the premises uppon which the game is going to be built on.
1. The primary objective of the game is NOT killing: it is exploration, learning the misteries of the secrets that dwell undercave. Thus, intelligence and paying attention to what is surrounding you will be more important than fighting abilities.
2. This is more similar to a Challenge rather than to a game. We want to get bak the times when games were dificult, not just a matter of time.
3. You are just a man, so the ancient inhabitants of undercave are potentially more dangerous than you. If you try to fight them face to face you will probably die. Use your head and/or run. It is better to remain unsen.
4. The game will take place almost all the time in underground mazes, caves, corridors but a los in open spaces holding ruins of buried ancient civilizations.
5. The environment has the answer to all the secrets. Understand it well and you will succed.
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